Community Tournament Winners!

First off, I want to thank all 256 people who entered and participated in this tournament! This was the largest tournament we’ve ever held to date, and we wouldn’t have been able to make these events possible this without all the support from you, the community, and especially @Hothead for providing rewards for these events.

Just for a reminder, the rewards were the following:

1st: Three Forged Fantasy Tokens, one Plat MK 5 Core and one Plat MK 6 Core
2nd: Two Forged Fantasy tokens, one Plat MK 5 Core
3rd: One Forged Fantasy Token, two Gilded Tokens

Without further ado, here are the winners for this year’s tournament:

2nd: @Osric_Temper
3rd: @5p4rk333

Rewards will be sent directly to the winners’ inboxes soon. I also want to congratulate @Osric_Temper for being the first member to place top 3 in a tournament more than once! Once again, thank you all who participated, and we hope to see you for the next tournament (whenever that may be).

On that note, if you would like to help with the next tournament/brawl (which, if everything goes to plan should be in August, but no guarantees), feel free to DM on me on DISCORD, as I am rarely on the forums ;).



Hey it was my first discord pvp battle. I may have lost the best out of three the first round, but all n all it was fun!
When is the next one being planned for??

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Congrats to the winners… :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal:

Also, massive thanks to Darkakali for hosting as well.

This was my first discord tournament and I really enjoyed participating. I thought it was well organised and found it easier to follow than dev duels in vip, maybe they could use this format going forward…

My only critique would be, fitting it into the already busy events schedule… if at all possible, could it start in that quiet week, in-between war seasons?

Maybe this would encourage more signups and would help us advance through those earlier rounds much quicker!
But hopefully it stays and one day, possibly added to the events schedule proper. :+1:

Also, do you have any future upcoming pvp events?..
Possible, ideas like pvp draft, faction wars or even dare I say it, Realism brawl would really set the cat amongst the pigeons & you may actually get a different top three!

Good work all in involved! :ok_hand:

@Kendrickpb058 We are unsure when the next event will be, both me and Dark are very buys this year so there may not be another event until 2022 unless we can find someone to moderate and run the events that the developers are okay with signing off on.

@Prophetxcrypt the event schedule is planned way in advance I am afraid, registration opens up for 2-3 weeks and then we start the event, sometimes the rewards are timed feature tokens as well so we have to operate within the limits of updates between months more than the actual in game events.

Regarding dev-astation there is nothing confirmed yet but discord may be a potential option in future. Look out for an announcement next time and see what the devs have in mind, it may be a while yet before that can be sorted out of course!


Thank you very much! Well if it won’t be until 2022, I’ll definitely be there to participate!!

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