Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2023

Hello Hunters!

Are you ready to embark on a spooky but also very fun adventure? Razorback may or may not have already gotten what he was hunting for but in the meantime, a lot more otherwordly sources have been hard at work around the different districts and campaign modes. Shall we see what they’ve done?

From October 22 (12 PM UTC/5 AM PST) until November 14 (12 PM UTC/4 AM PST), make your way through Normal and Hard campaign modes, to find and shoot all 100 Pumpkins!

common 60 Common
rare 30 Rare
legendary 10 Legendary

At the end of the road, what’s waiting for you when you locate and shoot all 100, are a thematic Rare skin for Prophet (which you can see in the picture above) and a thematic portrait! Along with them, also come 2 Hero Crate tokens and a Gilded Crate token.


As always, shooting the Pumpkins will give you some holiday tokens to spend in the holiday store to get some old thematic skins and some other useful goodies!

Happy hunting, everyone!


Finally some prophet love!


Important Clarification: The Scavenger Hunt will be until November 14th 12PM UTC/4AM PST and not until the 21st. On the 21st, the preview of the event and the holiday store will end. Sincere apologies for the confusion!


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