Halloween Scavenger Hunt Google Doc 2021

:jack_o_lantern: Happy Halloween Hunters! :jack_o_lantern:

The Halloween Scavenger Hunt is coming up very soon! It’s time for the community to team up once again and locate all 100 Pumpkins!

1) Everyone except editors will be put in view-only mode for the document. The editors are Discord Moderators from the Offical Hero Hunters Server, as well as our special guest editor, @Hanburger!

2) If you’ve found a pumpkin that is not already added to the doc, please share the location by commenting on this forum post, or posting it in the #scavenger-hunt channel in the Hero Hunters Discord Server. If you’re not already in the community discord server, please consider joining!

3) Please provide the pumpkin number, the mission number, a brief description of where it’s located, and a screenshot of the pumpkin.

Good luck with the Scavenger Hunt everyone, and lets get out there and shoot some pumpkins! :jack_o_lantern:


Thanks for the doc this spooky season!


I will help for sure

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Scavenger Hunt Goal: NO Hints


I’ll hold you to that Bloodfest :wink:


Please hold Fiber back too. Let’s make this the first hunt without hints. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You dare challenge us? We. Are. The best community😎

ok Skat, do NOT give hints


1 day remains until the Halloween Scavenger Hunt starts!


Pumpkins are only hidden Normal Campaign, Hard Campaign, and Gauntlet. No where else.

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Normal1-2 wave 2 Right side rear line hero

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Good work everyone!! 25/100 Pumpkins have been found. 1/4 of the way there! :jack_o_lantern:

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9-2 normal rear line 3rd wave. Off to the right in the distance

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9-3 wave 2 lower level. Missed it first time and was able to get it way in the distance behind in wave 3. Kind of behind a box. The picture is of its location in wave 3.

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No 54- Gauntlet 2-1, frontline, mentioned sector 3 in document

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Sticking to the outer wall above the first hieroglyphic

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9-6 any wave to the left rear line under the ladder


50/100!! Great work y’all. :jack_o_lantern:

yep thanks oh and add my pics to the chart so that they can help

The hundred + images you uploaded above are all from the Google Doc already.

@ssskate4474 there’s no purpose to reposting this images into a reply, thats what the doc is for. The replies here are for people to report new pumpkin locations to be added to the master document. I’ve removed your post because it makes this difficult for people to read, as it’s way too long.