Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2022

Halloween Scavenger Hunt is Back! :tada:

Time to go on a spoooooOOOOoooky Hunt! The Halloween Scavenger Hunt is back, from October 16th to November 8th! Seek and destroy pumpkins and earn holiday tokens to get awesome prizes in the Holiday Store! :jack_o_lantern:

Make your way through all the game modes and find all 100 pumpkins:

  • 60 Common pumpkins
  • 30 Rare pumpkins
  • 10 Legendary Pumpkins

Find and shoot all the pumpkins and you’ll be awarded Hero Tokens x3, Gilded Token x3 and a Most Wanted Token!

You also have the chance to win this purrrfect Halloween Portrait!


Turn those pumpkins into pie!


And this all what we get? No new Halloween skin? I beg me pardon, but in 2022 hero crates and guilded tokens it’s decent prize only for newcomers players. How about guilded hero tokens? Forged fantasy tokens? Most wanted tokens is okay too, but not when this only one item.


The portrait is awesome. What i love mostly is that it ends on my birthday!

Sadly the skin was the only thing that would usually make this event worth the time, it was something for everyone on all levels, :(((


I think there will be hunt store in which more rewards will be present. What said above is the end rewards which we get on completing whole 100 hunt.

Skin is free thing, items in store – nope.

Remember ursus mythic skin.

Ursus mythic skin we got from the crate like all others, no? Now we talk about thematic skins from final rewards of Scavenger Hunts. They will always free – if you find all 100 items you 100% got skin.

Yeah. I agree on that. There should be a rare skin on completing hunt like of maven in last hunt.

J’ai hâte de voir la boutique halloween
J’espére trouver le skins mithyque de MK2

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