Halloween Scavenger Hunt Doc 2022

Spoooooky times are near! Fear! For the Halloween Scavenger hunt is here!

It is time for us vampires and zombies to hunt down the 100 pumpkins again! :jack_o_lantern:These pesky pumpkins will be located through Normal and Hard campaign, and one will be in gauntlet.
They’ll be hiding in the sneakiest of spots and up and far!

Everyone except editors will be put in view-only mode for the document. The editors are Discord Moderators from the Official Hero Hunters Server, as well as some special guest editors.

Here is the document link to help yourself and us find those SPOOKY pumpkins! :ghost:

Want to help us find them?! Here is the link for the discord! Or use the forums if you happen to find any. If you do find one, be sure to tell which mission, a rough description of its location and a screenshot! :selfie:


Can I be an editor boss man

Document stop working after last update. «Wrong format» and infinite loading.

Restart it. If i see this issue more i will go search what the problem is

If you are using the document in the app, remove it from the list and re-download it again bud. Clear cache of the doc app too.

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Issue partially fixed himself. Part of positions don’t load screenshots, but descriptions at this time is very good, so I don’t have any problems find needed even without visualisation. Thanks to text writers!


I’m glad the text is enough even then. Shows that the editors put in good work!

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Big thanks to everyone for all their work in this scavenger hunt


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