Halloween Scavenger Document!

Happy Halloween Hunters!

It’s the time for the community to work together to find and share pumpkins locations!
Here is the document for the pumpkin locations!


The link above is unavailable, so here is the new backup version:

The document is currently full of empty tables, but it will be updated with pumpkins found by players and trusted team of document editors who will put them in doc!

RULES: Here’s How the document should be done!

  1. The document is set to view only mode, and only the trusted editors can edit the doc. If you find a pumpkin, please post the pumpkin screenshot and detailed description of where you found it ON this thread’s reply section OR IN the discord halloween channel! (details of mission number, normal or hard, which wave, where you should face, etc is required.)

Here is the discord channel where we will post pumpkins and discuss with the discord members! Click to join!

  1. We editors will take care of the rest to fill the document with the pumpkin locations that are posted in this thread or in discord halloween channel!

Good luck with the scavenger hunt, hunters! Don’t forget to have fun in this spooky season
:jack_o_lantern::ghost::skull: :spider: :spider_web:

P.s If anyone wants to be a doc editor to decorate the document, pm me.


Halloween Community Effort 2019 is a go!


Operation:Scary-Skeletons is a go


I hope we hid them well enough! Don’t want it to be too easy for you guys :wink:



Evil devs.
Oof, this will be tough

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They havent out any after stage 10 in campain right???

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Hank should be the next hero you release

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Last one were on district 13

Ready to step up, be more involved and help with the hunt!
Good luck and let’s make Hero Hunters Scavenger Hunts Famous!
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I want it so players old and new can have a chnace at getting alll of the pumpkins

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Pumpkin 63 is on normal 1-9. I used a mid line. Look to the right, ground level you should see a fire behind the barricades in the corner under the balcony with enemies. Shoot the barricades right in front of the fire and you will hit the pumpkin when you bust them. I did not actually see the pumpkin, it just registered as me getting it. Where is the one on 1-9 that was in the document? Am I blind lol?

Edit: I am going with yes I am blind. I found it. Pumpkin 63 is not accessible by rear line. It will not let me choose a file to attach for the screenshot

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14-8 normal. Last wave . Should see it w/ any hero left side. I used rear line.

Hey guys, if you have screenshots of pumpkin, you can post them in this thread!
the pic post button is here

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It does not let me do it if I go through the app. It does work through my browser though which is weird.

That is pumpkin 35.

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Edit …

2-9 normal top of the big pillar building

#22, normal 7-6 wave 2 left hand side behind corner of building, front line

Got a picture?
Helps me out