Halloween skin ideas

I noticed that you guys like to make skins for the holidays. The halloween razorback and ghoul are still my all time favorites. :slight_smile:
So i figured id give you guys some ideas if you dont mind.
-Cinder: Devil. Wings horns and a tail
-Oracle or Keel: Angel. Wings and halo in all white.
-Ronin: Grim Reaper black hooded gown with a sickle.
-Callidus: Minotaur
-Caine: Killer Clown
-Fischer: The Creature From The Black Lagoon
-Butter: Frankenstein
-Astrix: Traditional Native American.
(Clyde already has a cowboy western skin)

So theres some ideas and i look forward to the halloween skins you guys create. :slight_smile:


OOoh, I like it! I especially like the Astrix and Oracle skin ideas. In general, I believe a LOT of the new characters (post-Oracle’s release), need new skins.

I vote for new skins for anyone

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Amen good sir, I agree!

Good ideas! If i may add…
Bucket:Jason Vorhees (just swap her mask and attire)
Cast: Ghost Captain
Siren: Vampire (best if paired with maven)
Kunoichi - Karakuri Doll (simple dress and skirt, plus straw hat)
Jarek: King Kong!!! (just kidding…:blush:)

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