Skin Ideas?

This thread will be used for any skin ideas anyone has. It all started when the other day I noticed a lack of skins that made a decent change to the appearance without color changes. So, I created this thread to see what other people think cool skin ideas would be.

Just hope there won’t be “animal-like” skins anymore…
Peck Beck the turkey and Kurtz Rats is more than enough…

Some heroes from Terraventa already anthropomorpic, but that’s okay, i guess…

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Kurtz skin was for Chinese new year though.

If others have skin ideas (which they have submitted) they can make their own threads. It would become a cluster of they were bundled up in one.

A lot of the common skins were a result of the large skin update a while back which gave at least 1 skin to every hero, the large appearance changing skins are rare and legendary skins and those are being released every month, this month we got 3 new ones

Cool skin idea’s would be themes. I would love for certain factions or similar heroes to have a matching theme

To give example: Magistrates-Bounty hunters. They will all wear cow(boy/girl) hats and old western theme clothing
Another example could be a robot (or human) theme for all cyborgs.
I would love to see this implemented in some factions or matching heroes.

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Since devs don’t take skin ideas, I think giving hero candidates for rare skins is a good idea.

Halloway, Min, and Caine are up for some rare skins.


A basketball jersey skin
Ice box

Oracle, Hideo, Odachi need some touchups{rare skins}

Heroes that already have “animal like” features eg. Pariah can have an ox skin cause the mask with horns is a big feature that she has.

I have an idea. A lot of us have been asking for a Halloway rare skin for a long time. Halloway and Halloween are very similar words. How about one for Halloween then? All Hallo(way)s Eve? Halloway H20?


The great @CptLappo once shared an idea for a Halloway skin…