Halloween Store Availability Extended!

The Halloween Store Availability Has Been Extended!

Hey Hunters!

We’ve extended the availability of the Halloween Store by 48 hours to allow Hunters more time to claim their PvP Tournament Rewards!

We hope you enjoyed the Event & Happy Hunting!


Why only announce now? :frowning: Woke up early to claim that razorback skin, haha

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Didn’t understand why the shop was longer open, didn’t need it, but this is a really nice gesture, awsome

U would only have a 5-6 hour window to claim the Halloween gems from PvP event to the initial store closing…

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Some people need to work, have to study, have family issues, or don’t want to log in, this is just a friendly gesture, I don’t see the problem

The event was great. You guys did a super job with it. Thanks for the hard work.