Farewell and Hello


These past 5 years were filled with adventures, hardship and memories that we will cherish forever. Some say that goodbye is the most difficult thing to say, and those people have clearly never tried to say “Worcestershire”. All jokes aside we want to tell you how grateful we are that we got to share this experience with you, we will miss you!
With love, HotHead Games.

Working with HotHead for the past few months showed us that DECA will have pretty big shoes to fill and more importantly how crucial you, the players, are to this project. Nevertheless, excitement and anticipation are through the roof here and we just want to make you proud. Rest assured that we will try our best with this amazing game and its even amazinger community!

We have sent you a small gift, both as thank you for your support for HHG through the years and as a thank you for being so welcoming to DECA.

To show our appreciation for your support in the past as well as for the future, you can expect a little something something coming your way in the near future. Here is to what it was and what it could be! Both HHG and DECA could not be happier to have you as our players!


We will welcome you with open arms DECA! I love the good amount of communication so far. I personally don’t care about gifts or whatever. I only care about this game.
I currently have almost 1700 days in the game. I have been playing since it was in beta. I am eternally gratefull for this blessing of a game. I would not kid that this game has changed my life and gave me to many moments to cherish. And so see DECA willing to keep that love up warms my heart!
There is a long road ahead. And we as a community hope that you listen to our feedback and improve the game in the way it should be.
(It’s going downwards)

Thanks again. Love y’all!:heart:


Welcome Deca to hero hunters and we expect great things :smiley:

Have you seen the events calendar? expect what from them?

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Im one of the first to play … ive been on here for 4-5 years… thanx so much HHG and welcome DECA!!!

And it’s your first post? You’ve lived in the dark for too long!

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