Happy 5th Anniversary, Hero Hunters!

Hello Hunters!

Some of you might know, some of you might not, that today is a very special day!
I will not make you go check your Google or Apple stores and tell you straight away - today marks 5 years since Hero Hunters was officially released!

No matter if you have been here since the very beginning, or from some time after, one thing is for certain - nothing would be the same without each and every one of you! Thank you for being such an important part of the game!

As with every special occasion, it’s only natural that we should celebrate together and discuss it! We are curious to know - what is your most favorite thing in the game that happened during the last year (could be a specific Hero buff, a new Hero, etc.) and what would you like to see the most during this one?

But wait! What is a celebration without some gifts? Yes, the plural is intentional :stuck_out_tongue:

Gift Number One!

Next Monday, February 6th, I will pick 3 of your comments on a random basis and I will send 200 Gold to the people who submitted the picked comments.

Gift Number Two!

Our lovely devs have also prepared a gift for you! You should already be able to find it in your in-game inboxes!

Gift Number Three!

We here at DECA have been with you for the last year. That year had both good and bad periods, but you’ve shown us amazing support regardless of the circumstances!
That’s why we felt it might be fun and interesting for you to take a little peek at some of the work process happening behind the scenes. :blush:

Let’s take a look at our art team’s work with some hero and skin concepts!





Luciana Phoenix Skin

Min Cyber Skin

Ursus Valve Skin

Halloway’s Mythic Skin helmet

This almost made it in-game…
Fiber Pokerlady Skin

Willow’s Super Secret Additional Gift!

Have you ever wondered what Briar would look like as a cute anime girl? Well, wonder no more!
(Drawn by yours truly :stuck_out_tongue: )


This post makes me happy. All things in this post are more than awesome and i like it too much.
Yeah there was a bad period during in starting like of late in release in update but from there Deca improved a lot.
:memo:The most thing i like is that it’s now easy for a player to reach Dev’s , express their thoughts, and get solution if their is any problem.
:point_right:In game i will say the increase in patrol no from 100 to 150 now it’s possible for alliances to reach ruby crate.
:point_right:And off course matador mythic skin is the most awesome skin i have seen till now.

:memo:As for future
:point_right: Put platinum mk6 core fragments in more campaign missions and put a complete in bounty top tier reward
:point_right: Remove Hideo fragments from war rewards and Put serial fragments in place of them.
:point_right:i wanna see some new legendary skins in game .


thanks deca for continuing the fun, the hero hunters game distracts me a lot and helps me forget about my disability and pain in my body, I thank deca for this, and I hope to continue playing in my physical and emotional recovery


Concept art of the heros is always fun to look at for sure! I must admit I like the design for mins hair to be off to the side a bit more that the Mohawk we have now hehe,

Happy anniversary hunters!


The last secret gift seems a red dress for ladies, so it might be a new skin for someone rather feminine and without a proper skin. Let’s guess it’s for Halo …….


It’s a blurred image, tap it to un-blur the image and see the surprise lol


Damn, you are right. It’s briar :roll_eyes:


as an OG member of the forums, I do miss seeing the concept art of the heroes. They used to show the concept with the spotlight long ago and it was interesting to see how the idea of the design made it to the 3D model and finally in game.


Should be and make a cross/hideo skin to match it


Yikes that Fiber skin! Not needed - her Mythic skin already has the perfect poker face.


I’m happy to see the 5th anniversary
And also rewards every week ,month, year login rewards and login event rewards ,simulator …:wink:


there is a hero from the start

Calls himself Phantom assassin

But still doesn’t have any rare or legendary skin :sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile:

Can u find him out and give him a gift also

He was even seen in launch trailer

Rest is upto you

Congratulations once again

Seeking for future contest :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the :gift::gift::gift::gift:


Enigma has to be my favorite hero from last year, Deca did a great job in his design. Not only can he provide strong heals to his allies but also reduce the applied heal on enemies which makes his kit truly amazing. It was good to see void heroes have another amazing hero.

Happy 5th Anniversary Hunters😊


He is truly an amazing hero, he and barrel (deca first all original astral and void hero made just by them) have not only amazing voice line but and just great hero in general,

Would love to see a mythic for these two in the near future!


Sand dune prophet make him have like a scorpion tail or something or like multiple eyes and kinda like gold base and purple accents like design of the cloak and make it hug his head ; i will try to draw a concept idea


Take the porcupine hood off and give him a really cool helmet


What i liked most: The effort that went into improving this game and keeping things fresh. But if i have to be specific it has to be the revivals of older heroes. It began with small stat buffs, but ended in sometimes completely improving the entire hero and raising their potentials. This makes for so much content, being a max level player that loves creating absurd and diverse setups. It just makes me fall in love with old heroes all over again.

What i would want to see: Well, there is a lot. But what i mainly want to see is a rework for a hero, not just their abilities, but their entire purpose. I want to see a hero improve on the general concept they had in mind, and one specifically is Pris.
Pris is a gem for me. This is because when i started out in the Beta she was always my first to be max stars and levels and bars. She was the DPS that carried me through campaign at the time, she holds a special place in my roster. But, i don’t feel like she fits anymore.
What i like to see for her is a redesign that dives more into her being more inconspicuous, a direct infiltration unit. So perhaps a more sophisticated design with her weapons and gadgets being concealed. Now the abilities should be new then.
Bronze: I’d rather have her flash a bright light gadget that blinds the enemy until she shoots. Which then does another stun. I would like to keep the idea of her interacting with a hero to stun them, but i don’t think a blow kiss fits that, unless she would actually be attractive and appealing whilst NOT having gadgets and a bright pink gun.
Silver: A small device, could be the same as it is now, that when thrown will attach to a hero and have random chances every second to shock them, deal damage and slow ability charge or another stat tremendously. Has a fast cooldown and can be shot off via any form of friendly fire or something along those lines.
Gold: an improved battery pack makes the flash even brighter, granting a temporary disorient, 40% ish reload, fire rate and damage debuff
Platinum: whenever Pris is stunning an enemy with the bronze skill the enemy taunts and receives 20% extra damage
Ruby skill: doing damage or probably initiator. But with this she really doesn’t need them desperately.
Now if a rework goes to far, just give her doing damage :wink:


Some good buffs like the ones for spewage and slurp make them viable again, keeping them modern and up to date, lower star heros could definitely use this kinda thing, especially in the long run,


@OMKARSINGHOS123 , @NinjaBros , @megabreath74
Congrats! You three win 200 gold each! :blush:
Please send me a DM here or in Discord, or reply to my comment with your in-game names so I can send it to you!


when will you put rare skin that didnt available on skin vault to skin crate?

The rare skin for the new hero? (If so it will be available through the skin co-op raid)
Or all skins in general that aren’t in the crate? (Some of them were exclusive and some just aren’t there, for some off reason, like the scarecrow skin)