Hardscope AI/silver skill

While using Hardscope in my team I have noticed some problems with him.

If you don’t play him he barely does anything besides hiding behind cover and spamming his drone over and over again, all this hiding means that his gold skill will never work in a match, and to top this off he even uses his drone when the drone has full health.

If you compare him to hivemind who also uses drones, Hardscopes drone is obsolete, hivemind has a cap on his max drones and then stops using it, also his first drone which is capped at 1 can’t be charged over and over again.

Maybe do the same for Hardscope so he uses the drone skill when needed and not using it while there is absolutely no reason to use this skill.

The other problem I have with his drone skill is that the health is to low, almost every enemy (PvP and PvE) one shot this drone, to balance this out maybe lower the amount of healing the drone does and increase the health of the drone, this will make the drone useful and not overpowered. Cause even when I play him myself to make sure he stops spamming the drone, it dies in 1 second after spawning.

Thanks for your time