Legendary skin for Hardscope

This is the first time iam posting here.

I would like a Legendary skin for Hardscope which should make him immune to attacks that make the victim “disoriented”.

Plus I would also like to have him able to produce more than one drone.

Please consoder

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This will be legit No doubt of that

that sounds legit. And the skin has him wearing goggles( you know the one SWAT officers wear)

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make him immune to attacks that make the victim “disoriented”.

No, too OP and it doesn’t make any sense.

produce more than one drone.

Interesting, but having more than 1 drone without any sort of drawback would also be a little OP.

How about Hardscope’s gold gives bonus elemental damage instead of bonus base damage?


If he gets a second drone, then they should reduce the health of individual drones.

The other ability should be a separate skin that changes his gold to give disorient immunity after standing out of cover for 3 seconds but with a slightly lower damage bonus.

As for skin names I got squadron/swarm and spotter/scout

Legendary skins are meant to be a little be OP, otherwise they’re Heckler and Salvatore skins.

All the legendaries so far only change their bronze. And it probably is for a reason.

@BlackRose1324 No! Nothing at the cost of damage.

As for the skin i want something like Tuxedo/Agent 47 ! That would be badass.

What is meant by OP?

Bonus elemental damage is also absurd.
Increased base damage is what sets him apart!!