Healing in PvP

Could we do something with the healing in PvP, please? One or two healers Is fine, but when I fight a team of Night, flatline, keel, mandrake, and heimlock, it is a little ridiculous. Would a diminishing returns system work? Or just tone down the healing a little? I know we needed healing back when it was basically non existent, but there has got to be a middle ground somewhere.

I agree. A good counter for this is a perfecting heal blocks characters. If done right, you can take out one character at a time with good healblocker and dps combination.

I hope this is taken care of. Heimlock is now a farmable and so this will be a concern that teams will have more healers in front and back with significant heals.

That may be rather difficult to do. Nerfing heals solely for PvP seems like a painful process. I think there are in-game ways to combat this.

Bam. There are 3 effective heal blockers, Wesson, Callidus, and Saphyre. Use them more often for good heal blocks.

Saphyre herself is a heal-blocker and decent DPS. She can hit bio-chem healers hard, such as Heimlock, Mandrake or Moss. Or you could use Wesson to heal block and target Flatline or Nightingale. That’s the beauty of PvP, you get to create and alter a team to fit best for you.


I agree with the fact that using heal-blockers solve the healing in pvp, but considering other factors:

Wesson - He is kinda squishy and while he does have a good heal-block ability, his charge takes a bit of time. Damage-wise, Rolling Thunder would be good when it reaches Gold.

Sapphyr - Great counter to them bio-chem healers, decent skill recharge rate and hard to get since her invisibility is a hell to deal with, but using the heal-block, you’ve gotta wise up on WHO you are going to block their heal (Obviously the lowest health, but in some cases, the healers themselves if their team has additional healers.)

Callidus - It’s that you love her or you hate her. She’s a tank, can somewhat self-sustain but can’t survive if the team deems her a threat and a team-wide heal-block. She’s more of a support character to me than a main DPS hero (or is she created to support?) since her damage output is not that great and if you are dealing with shielders, you’re toast using her or you have some heroes that can do quick work with shields like Anvil (his sole purpose to destroy them) or high DPS heroes (Clyde, Dogface, Maven, …). Heal-block, great. Surviving long enough to actually pull it? I had my fair shares of Callidus gameplay and she goes like a bowl of water in a 100 degrees oven.


This is why perfecting heal blockers is actually needed. Heal block is good counter on paper but in-game I practically never use heal blocker because they are not as strong as healers. Like if its Keel vs Claudius - announcing Keel feels like an you are calling Mayweather or something and when you call out Claudius there is just silence or even boos.

If you come up to say 10 must have in game, list will consist of dps and healers/revivers. To state a example a specific teams with characters like - Jarek, Surge and Kuno can be good team synergy but sadly it isn’t because although they are dependent on liftoff which renders other characters unusable for time is still a concept which sounds good on paper but not so much in game. Same goes if you use a team with heal blockers - they don’t feature in must-haves when game is dominated by healers more than dps. Synergies have been dominated by specific characters which made PvPs tasteless. You either face Ronin or a healer-dps team if not random team of someone just using up his/her characters.

They are working on it but I think rather than making healers weaker, the right way would be a good counter. I am glad that HH is actually going on this way - they haven’t nerfed down Ronin and Night and they are still existent but changed them slightly.

I liked heal blocking idea when I started playing. It feels like healers are force of positivity while heal blockers are vampiric-dark forces. I hope we see more of dark skillset than revivers and healers.

Suck that health out! Man I would love a dark Keel taking health from full opposite team and all like way she heals.

Not only healing is annoying, shield spamming is also annoying too.

Anvil is good at dealing with these, but he is too squishy for energy

I agree about the squishiness. None of the heal blockers are really outstanding in their fields are they.

Do keep in mind that I don’t think it’s perfect. It certainly is not. However, I do believe that as of now it is manageable. Looking into this in the future would certainly be worthwhile.

5 healer teams are very easy to beat. Like yeah, they are. You need to have your kill order in mind. No need to use heal blocks or whatever theoretical stupidity. All you need is one decent dps, and another support dps. But its sad, people complain of 5 healers, are actually people who do not have a big damage output from their team. If you’re running slow moving characters you wont beat them. If you cant beat 5 healers, forget beating 4 healers + 1 dps. Like panzer, dogface. Now… up to you to rework your strategy buddy

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I agree, we need more viable shield breaker heros.

Edit: or atleast heros who ignore them.

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Panzer/dogface team is a great answer for healers. Specifically, try this: at start, use panzer and fire until her beam is up, then shoot flatline, then polish flatline off with your gun. I bet you’ll have bullets left over! Then once the game goes long and panzer’s gold skill wears off, switch over to dogface for the rest of the match. Not foolproof, but great against those healer teams.

All that said, I feel very sad for Anvil and Wesson. Both are way too low health to accomplish the counter meta they were released for, imo. I’d like to see them get some survivability.

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I’m hoping Wesson gets significant buff in April, so he can be viable in pvp.

He is my favorite hero to me.

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There are other heroes that technically classify as “heal blockers”. For example, Sentry. He doesn’t have the heal-block status but his gold can disrupt healing processes. Not guarantee, but works for Moss, Keel and Flatline.

Min is another type. With both skills, one silencing them, one forces them to reload, it does stop the healers to use their skills. Cast is another thing. Same strategy, different uses. Forcing to reload does annoy long reloading heroes like Matador or Razorback, but healers like Moss and Nightingale only takes 1-2 seconds to reload (not counting if Ifrit’s silver is active or the enemy is affected by Beck’s silver) so it doesn’t help that much. Cast stuns the enemy, making them vulnerable for a period of time, but his recharge rate is not that great.

Baron is a different type of heal-disruptor (not heal-block). He, when reached to plat, can disrupt the healing process by destroying cover so they stagger, but it is ineffective.

So seriously speaking, almost every hero can “heal-block” but just ineffectively. The only official heal-blockers are Sapphyr, Callidus and Wesson.


Heckler is good for stopping heckler and mandrake because of element and callidus if you have her you can use her as a very powerful heal block character against Night, flat, and keel.

But in return, Callidus is a tank but not being a tank as the same time. Her skills take some time to perform, so not really the best one to use

I used Sapphyr in PvP in recent events, she is so good and very underrated.

Consistent and High DPS
Perfect Heal Block

Makes her a very viable hero.

Yea, she is very squishy but If you can keep her alive, she will destroy any team composition, no matter mech, bio or energy.