Everyone cool with the healing meta PVP?

I have mine, but thoughts?

Healing is neat. That’s what healers do in any game: heal. But you can’t heal your way to a victory so firepower is just as important as staying alive.
I like the current PVP gameplay.

healing is fine and all, but when you have a team that just wont die it makes PvP more of a dread than it already is.

“Oh, about to kill that guy after a minute of nonstop shooting? nah. here is an ability block while i get him back to full health”

either you end up losing or going through the entire time. with minimal deaths. Or you lose because time ran out and they had more heroes alive than you did.


I love Mandrake, he’s the reason I was able to start dominating in PvP… but his gold needs a limit. Reduce the healing, or make it so that it only works on one hero at a time, or make it so that allies can’t use skills while its active, or reduce its length and prevent it from re-triggering unless someone gets above the health threshold first.

A few other healing tricks needs to be reduced, Scrapper probably wasn’t nerfed enough, Keel is still a crazy healer, Nightingale with or without her skin continues to just offer too much in one package, but one of the reasons that the heal meta has arrived in such force is that with every character having HUGE HP means that Drakes gold kicks in while people still have like 100k+ HP left and if the victim is controlled by a player then all you have to do is roll around while invis and there’s no way that the other player is going to be able to pull out another 100,000 damage on some invisible rolling jerk who is constantly being healed.

Also damage skills probably need to be tuned upward to reflect the HP change. The entire justification (which I agree with) was that the game had boiled down to trying and kill the enemy team before they could even start using skills. The problem is now we have everyone using their skills but 90% of DPS skills are utter garbage compared to what healers can offer. Oh no Ryker/Odachi/Heckler/etc. just hit me with a skill that dealt 20% of my health in damage, it’s a good thing that even the weakest heal in the game will restore 35% of my HP!

The revives bother me more than the healing. If Ifrit never would have came along, or Flatline wasn’t already in the game (Flatline is only really good when used with Ifriit, otherwise she is pretty blah), I think the meta would be much more balanced right now. Panzer and Dog still can burst down heroes pretty easily. The problem is the rest of the DPS in the game are pretty terrible.

He just wants every possiblity to counter his min maxing team to go away.

seriously mandrake is a good hero, but you can still burst down stealth hero’s, taking away the healing capability of Nightingale and keel? You want them nerfed into the ground next to galante?

If those hero’s are nerfed he doesn’t have a counter to his plat ifrit with silver 10* gammond and silver 9* panzer, sorry I can’t take this post serious…

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