Healers, an other view

I have a feeling we nerfed healers to much.

In my idea the healing done should be buffed by at least 2x the current they do(some exemptions of course)

A lot of people will hate this, and I understand, the current healing wall is absurd, 1 dogface or 1 panzer with 4 healers, 99% off the matches.

But if the healers are buffed(let’s test this one in a brawl, with terrible rewards) I think we can use hero’s who can stun, heal block, attack or do other things.

We don’t need 4 hero’s to keep the team alive, we have 2 healers doing massive heal, some will try to get a 3th in that squad, others will run it with 2 healers and stunning and shooting the … Out of them.

Not saying this should be next update to make every healer 3x that strong and everyone wants to quit cause every match will end 5 vs 5.

But right now we bring a healer, to keep the healer alive, who can heal, to heal the damage dealer.

Instead of crying nerf on every heal skill let’s look the other way, and maybe this will be 1 or 2 messed up tests with a terrible reward, or we just found a way to quit using 4x healer teams and find a use for uncommon hero’s.

Pitch the ideas or hate


I think this would make matters worse. I barely played PvP the last week and for the first time in probably 5 months I was not in top100 at a PvP Tournament (Panzer event). All I speak with on chat, with friends or in my alliance is saying the same, most of them are 50-80k PvP players though. I really hope the next update brings the fun back to PvP, boost a lot of the unused DPS players is my advice.

I must also tell that during all the feedback we have given for more than a month since the Heal/Revive meta ruled the game, I’m really disappointed that HH didn’t early balance the PvP gem reward to the 4x-5x longer playtime. Then it became boring and tiresome to grind for progressing in the game with little reward to show for.

Without a fun and proper PvP this game is not for me anymore.
I hope for “Role Warefare: Damage and destruction” in the next update.

(PS: Min/Max is a different subject HH should now know how to solve, we have given a lot of advice, but this is not included in my experience and reference as I play Max level so I don’t meet these players)

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Everyone is so worried about the no-kill, endless revive/heal PVP matches (and rightfully so), that they don’t really question why people are running 4 heal/support teams in the first place. They just know it’s easy to keep heroes alive with and an easy team to play. It goes deeper than that though. Most of the DPS in the game suck, and the few that are good are really good.

Not only that, the DPS AI sucks. I have so many games that end in 3-4 opponents alive and all low on health because all of my DPS decided to split targets and not a single one helped me focus down the highest priority target. Healer AI is vastly superior in comparrison. They might take a little extra time with a heal, but at least they aren’t sitting their shooting Matador at 100% hp while you are trying to finish off Ifrit at 10%. Sing keeps bringing this up, but it seems like a lot of people ignore it just because he min/maxes and uses the broken system to his advantage.

In most games, you run 1 healer and a support. In Hero Hunters right now, you run 1 super powerful DPS and 4 healers. Panzer and Dog should not be able to get any kills basically on their own when they are the only DPS and damaging through 4 healers/support. It is needed though, because the rest of the DPS are so awful they aren’t worth bringing.

I would love to run a Night/Dog/Phoenix/Drake/Sapphy team but I know exactly how it’s going to go before a match even starts. Sapphyr will be burst down in the first 10 seconds or so by my opponent’s Panzer. Then Night will fall since she has no other healing support. I may try to focus down my opponent’s Caine/Night/Flatline with my Dog, but chances are good I will be doing it alone since Drake/Phoenix and Night (while she is alive) will all be doing their own stupid thing.

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Please keep any min maxing references away, that wasn’t what this was about, also this was just an idea for a short brawl.

To have so much overheals, everyone would be to bored to use a 4 healer team, and switch over to a completely different setup.

2 dedicated healers who can heal a lot, but interrupting then or silence them and you can start dealing serious damage, a mark or heal block would work a lot better this way, breaking the need to use a healer to heal, to heal, to heal

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In an event like this I would still use 4 healers and just go on AUTO and hope to come up against people not using 4 healers for an easy win. I’d probably die of boredom but could do this all day at work without losing a life in all likelihood.

If healers are buffed further it will be the end of this game. Nightingale is already the most OP hero in the game and noone complains because it doesn’t make the game end quickly. Night often heals over 5 mill in 3 minutes…imagine a night 3x as strong lol…

PVP has gone backwards ever since Panzer was introduced. Burst meta is required as heals are too strong. Please buff damage dealers (except for dogface and panzer)

They should really define 4 different roles and give each character one specific role.
Then at the team selection menu you could pick:

Two Damagers
One Tank
One Healer
One Specialist / shielder / reviver

People really don’t understand what I say.

Right now we need a healer to keep the other healers alive.

If we need 2 less healers for this, we can switch to damage and utilities, and I also said I wanted to try this for a short test, not the new way to play, if everyone has a 5 vs 5 after 3 minutes people will change their build, no one will keep sticking to his 4 healer build because it’s boring and useless

I get the intention, but i do not know if it will work out as you planed. A short brawl would be best to test it out. The balance has to be right. If the healing is to high you will not get down a 4 healer team, if it is to low no one will change theire build up.
The only Problem I see is that everyone will run Panzer and Dogface with skined Nightingale for heal. If you mark a Hero with Nightingale Panzer and Dogface will get him down to easy. Right now Panzer and Dogface teams are lacking heal so you can get them down quite fast, or at least make them run to save and block out some damage that way.

As others have said, this sort of change can only work in conjunction with other massive gameplay overhauls. If healing is increased with no other edits, people won’t start to think that they can bring in other DPS and still have enough healing to win. They’ll just think that their current super-strong healing wall is now nigh-impenetrable and that the worst that can happen is a 3 minute grind for a tie if the opponent comes in with a 4 healer/shielder loadout as well.

We’re trapped in a heal/shield/revive meta where the only way to break through is with burst DPS. That’s Panzer, Dog, and to a lesser extent Odachi. If you run a team that doesn’t include at least one of these three guys and square off against a traditional Panzer/Gale/Ifrit/Caine/+Utility Hero that is piloted by a semi-competent human player, you’re gonna lose 95 times out of 100 (or more) assuming that power levels are at least sorta close.

Increase DPS for steady damage dealers like Heckler, Maven, etc would be a big step in the right direction for balancing things out. I also think that introducing more debuff focused heroes (or strengthening the ones we have) would do wonders for creating interesting loadouts. Some of these guys definitely already get used with good success, like Mauler, Cinder, Hardscope, etc but it’s still always in conjunction with a top burst DPS guy. Callidus SHOULD be an awesome counter to the heal-heavy team but she’s so lackluster even after her buff. She goes down way to easy, her Plat skill is lackluster, her gold doesn’t seem to proc correctly, and most importantly, her heal block doesn’t last long enough to be effective. Make that sucker 10 seconds and let’s see if we can mix things up a little!

I agree that dps needs to be increased, but it would be fun to test it out though

This will make the heal/revive a lot worse and everyone will bring 4 healers and drag PvP out to the end almost every match.

But you can counter them with 3 damage dealers instead of one. If you get them well coordinatet you can kill the first healer pretty fast, breaking the heal wall.

If you buff the healers people will bring teams like we have all seen lately, Nightingale, hemlock, ifrit, keel, dogface. You may be able to take out 1 healer but if they are buffed, your not taking out 2 of them. If you focus on taking out a healer, dogface takes apart your whole team. The healing needs to be cut back dramatically or we won’t see any changes to pvp and the grind that it is now

Sure I take out two of them. Dogfaces impact would be much lower, because of the higher heal of my healers, so I do not have to pay as much atention to him as I have to do right now. Gale Irfit and Keel are squishy and since the Hp wouldn´t be buffed, they are easy prey if you run two or three damage dealers.

It’s hard running 2 to 3 damage dealers because Panzer and Dog are the only really good ones right now, and also because DPS AI is terrible.

You can already run with fewer healers, depending on the heroes you are using.

Panzer/fortress/phoenix dont need 4 healers to stay alive.

I like running 2 heals, 1 tank/stun/stagger, 2 dps. It generally beats the single dps 4 healer teams.