Help, I got banned

I got banned.

It says it is temporary. Its been way passed the gmt , any timezone in Canada or US, my timezone, even Hawaii time but the ban has been still not yet lifted. I’m not the one who said its temporary, its wad the system. And it was already said its just temporary. I cant enter support.

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Oh, I like that it got an expiration date. Thx for posting it bro.

Give it a day, and if not, we can run it by the devs in discord, since support can’t be accessed

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One day, the nation will understand what Krieg_Kirov actually trying to show through his various posts.
I like how innocent this community is. Another LoL moment

You trolling a little to hard in vip lately? Not sure how you would get banned otherwise

It’s a game ban. Not even a chat ban. Wonder what someone would have to do for that

Yup, lucky to have it temporarily.

I am going to suspect you are banned for minimum a year. If the date has passed and the ban is not lifted that means the year is not this year. Time to find a new game it would appear

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