Hothead server

The way hero Hunters server is behaving now Days seems like hothead decided to discontinue this Game
I don’t care about Game but I care about those who are connected with people emotionally because of this Game and talk with each others while doing daily game tasks and events
I request to all don’t judge game because of less rewards in anniversary event
And hothead please invest some money in making hero Hunter server smooth for us


As they say in VIP…^

Need to invest in their community or they gonna lose it. Simple. Things have been stale or trending downwards for a while. Check the temperature of the user base and so many are in the edge of uninstalling and being done. Chat bans and the IDGAF attitude of dev teams won’t help.


Chat ban and all happen when we try to cross our line in vip chat
I can tell you players name even with screenshots how they abuse each others and talk ■■■■ about Countries and and racism and those who are new in game and trying to interect with experienced players in vip chat
Some older players make fun of them by calling them noob
How could they forget they were in same stage long time ago
If devs ban Anyone it’s doesn’t mean they have attitude problem
They do that to make discipline in game Otherwise game owner can face legal action because in vip chats people cross line sometime and they talks wrong about many serious and emotional issue so thats why devs take strong action to make discipline


Yup, what you said. I’d complain, but it’s a free ticket for me. Haven’t spent a dime and keeping it that way.

You are a troll but you forget this is not VIP this is official hothead forum next time mind your your personal comments

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