Hero Concept Galleon

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Faction: Shoremen. Mech Tank.

Weapon- Anchor Bow
‘A weapon similar to a heavy crossbow, loaded with large spearheads but with a base of a small anchor.’
Ammo Capacity -3
Reload- Medium Slow

Bronze: Anchor Down- Galleon fires all three spearheads at once at three different enemies dealing X mech damage with a 25% chance to stun each enemy hit with Anchor Down.

Silver: Pirates Call- Galleon lets out a war cry, encouraging his allies in the fight. All other allies receive a charge of Pirates Call, which boosts healing received by 5%. There can be a maximum of 5 charges of Pirates Call.

Gold: Ambitious Shark- Galleon receives a charge of Ambitious Shark every time he lands a critical hit on an enemy. Each charge of Ambitious Shark boosts his critical damage and critical chance by 5%. Each charge can last up to 10 seconds until depleted. There can be a maximum of 10 charges of Ambitious Shark.

Platinum: Captain’s Leadership- Galleon puts himself at risk to keep his allies protected. Every time Galleon takes critical damage, Galleon receives a charge of Captain’s Leadership. Galleon taunts all enemies for 5 seconds and all other allies receive a shield absorbing X damage. Each shield last 10 seconds or until destroyed. There can only be a maximum of 1 charge of Captain’s Leadership active at one time.

‘Long ago Galleon set out to sea leading his ravenous pirate crew. Only to be shipwrecked through a vicious storm at sea. Galleon miraculously survived washing ashore on a very small island. Galleon adapted to life on that island having to swim to catch most meals. Eventually his entire body began to change more into a sharklike humanoid after years of swimming in dangerously radiated waters, even forgetting his own name and most memories except for being a notorious pirate at heart. With his newfound sharklike body Galleon decided it was time to leave that island in search of civilization. He swam for days until he spotted land came ashore. He found himself at a dockyard in between an intense firefight amongst a small group of Shoremen and a large squadron of Kurtz Law Givers. Given the number of forces on either side, Galleon decided to rampage through the large number of KLG, ripping most to shreds with his sharklike jaw and razor sharp fins. Witnessing this with their own eyes, the remainder of the KLG forces scrambled together and retreated. Afterwards the Shoremen took Galleon in as one of their own and he has been a proud member ever since.’

His weapon would look similar to the one above just it would look more like an actual anchor instead.
For his appearance I like idea of him dressed like the actual Galleon from Heroes of Skyrealm, but his body structure more built like Arlong from One Piece.

Heavy Arbalest image credit: echomtg.com
Galleon image credit: heroesofskyrealm.fandom.com
Arlong image credit: onepiece.fandom.com