Guide For Dreadnought

Guide for Dreadnought :

A guide with stats i calculated and a summary of how to use him and why

Dreadnought is a tank, he specializes in reducing damage at the cost of his damaging capabilities

His bronze deals huge amount of damage in a burst of 6 shells and some aftermath damage

His silver gives him a huge shield and then taunts for max 15 seconds.

When any of these is activated he makes the cooldown speed 20% slower for both.

His gold makes him gain 15% damage reduction for every time he uses ability and gives medium extra armor. If he has 3 or more he damages himself.

His platinum gives an extra 15% damage reduction and gives small extra armor when not channeling the bronze.

His Ruby gives him small extra armor and gives him more damage to cover

If the damage reduction stacks with the shield it would mean : a max of 600k + 60% or 90%

Would be 960k or 1140k, if it does his shield would never be able to be destroyed and would take 15 seconds, would mean you have 15 seconds of safeness every time you have the shield up

Purpose : he would especially serve good as a tank in pve, his shield makes him soak up the damage and the damage reducement makes him near invincible, he would only really be good for tanking, his damaging capabilities aren’t the greatest but his bronze wrecks and his armor and reducement makes him the tank, you don’t need much healing as his damage reducement is enough, a gammond or heimlock would be enough, he would especially be really nice to redirect fire from your damage dealer to him at will

If i’d recommend some team for pve it would be something like : Dreadnought, heimlock and some good damage dealer to your choice, if you go for full support min or oracle instead of your damage dealer would help him tank more because he gets his shield faster, if that wouldn’t work i’d recommend Dread with Halo and Siren, he would redirect fire from them and Halo could easily heal the taken damage up and siren destroys the enemies, halo would also help dread his bronze to deal more damage

Hope you learned something about Dreadnought from this post


Seems he’s like serial then just without any of the damage lol

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Haha yeah, kinda like him, he seems good

Thanks. Now I know what to use him for, fortunately I haven’t beat campaign yet. He seems like he’ll be a good bullet sponge.

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Yes but no, in high end campaign you need heroes that destroy enemies faster that they can to you, tanks that need to warm up are no good use

Here we go again

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should rewrite this. Dreadnought actually deals crapton of damage for a tank if left unchecked.


No kidding. His bronze actually does a ton of damage not just a small amount smh @mizoyskie


And it is homing and unavoidable according to Nikon, so there is a chance it will stun and deals consistent damage over time. With halo it can tear apart a ruby serial

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I have missed it several times, not homing

It is homing. You must have just gotten confused with which hero it was

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Then i guess it was a bug, but i clearly saw with my eyes that someone dodged me and same to the other

I think it’s been said before that people should be careful what they post as a “guide”. Some people will read it and take it as factual. That being said, the first half of your post is a mere regurgitation of the in game skill descriptions and character descriptions. After that, you give us an “IF” statement regarding damage reduction stacking and his shields not being able to be destroyed. I can’t help but ask…are you right? And you continue with other matter of fact assessments of only being useful in PVE, his bronze being avoidable………if you’re going to make a “Guide” please be accurate. If you are giving your observations and opinions, don’t call it a guide. Thank you.


If no one does it ill do it, i spend my time to help out newer players, who cares a bit of the info is underseen, really must have nothing to do if you only do that

that’s what i said lol