New Hero Concept: Shark - Marine Predator

Element: Energy
Faction: Global Forces
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

In a world full of Fish, I’m being the Shark…
And daaamn i Love it.

Light Tank - Aggressive Support - “Soft” DPS - Weak To Strong
Pure animal brute force, this woman is wearing one of the most powerful and dangerous suits around.
She’ s insane, fearsome and extremely aggressive.

Bronze: Steel Trident - Shoots a pincer at the target by stabbing it, then pulls it at herself and with a powerful punch sends it back to a random area of the field.
On impact with the ground, the target will stay down for 2sec and disoriented for 6sec.

  • It is possible that the target will fall over another enemy causing the same effects.

Silver: Surprise Attack - camouflage and storm a random enemy, landing and executing a series of powerful punches for 6sec.
Each punch earns the hero X health and if the target dies the hero gets X extra health.

  • if the target doesn’t die, he will stay on the ground for 3sec.

Gold: Smell Of Blood - causes more damage to enemies with less total health than the hero or those with health below 50%.
When activating a skill, the hero will give priority to weaker enemies.

Platinum: Queen of the Seven Seas - after the first 15sec. since the start of the game, the hero starts to constantly increase his stats as the game progresses, getting various bonuses and boots making it stronger and more dangerous.

  • Every second that passes, the hero increases his stats by 5%.
  • (every 10 levels, the percentage increases by 1 point).

Appearance: is an athletic woman of average stature.
She wears a black and blue prototute, the helmet covers half his face leaving only his mouth free.
The armor around the suit resembles the skeleton of a shark.


It’s an old draw

Her Weapon: The “Monster’s Mouth” is a balanced assault rifle.
It has a medium rate of fire, medium damage, medium reload and medium accuracy, but the recoil is a bit high.

shooting rate : 6.50
ammunition capacity : 25
recharge time : 1.5 sec
damage : Medium

this is literally the first song I found when I opened youtube.
They’re spying me, halp.

Other Notes

“light Tank” is intended to be the weakest tank in the game, but still has enough armor to sponge and absorb major damage.

“Soft DPS” and “Weak to Strong” is intended that as the game progresses, Shark gets stronger and harder to deal with.
Like Steele and Prophet which in themselves are weak but if you leave them alone they can do a lot of damage.

I drew the weapon on the spot.


I really like this one! Very thought through and organized. I like the drawings too!

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