Hero Concept: Gurkha the Jungle Warrior

Icon_ElementBio Gurkha

Faction_ColorIcon Mercenaries

Gurkha, the “Jungle Warrior”, is joining the community gallery! Gurkha uses tools from the jungle to dispose of his enemies with ease!

Primary Weapon: Jungle Sniper Rifle

Skills Header

Lethal Dart
Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Gurkha shoots a blow dart at the targeted enemy, disorienting them and dealing Biochem damage per second for 7 seconds. If the targeted enemy was already disoriented, they are stunned for the duration as well.

Silver Skill - Active Ability

Gurkha slices the targeted enemy with his khukuri, dealing damage per second to the targeted enemy. The damage lasts until the end of the mission or until the enemy dies.

Defensive Camouflage
Gold Skill - Passive Ability

Whenever this hero is critically hit, he cloaks himself for three seconds and heals per second during that duration. Defensive Camouflage can only trigger one at a time.

Last Man Standing
Platinum Skill - Active Ability

The first time this hero is lethally hit, he activates Last Man Standing While Last Man Standing is active, this hero is invincible and boosts his reload rate by 30%. If this Hero kills an enemy during this duration of this skill, he is resurrected with 75% health, If not, then he is killed.

Doing Damage
Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

This Hero receives a Biochem Damage bonus as well as 30% skill charge boost to their Bronze skill.

What are your thoughts on Gurkha? Let me know in the comments!

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I see his kit is a mix between gammond for the plat. Francoise/Fischer for the gold. Shivs for the silver. And mauler for the bronze. At least, these are similarities.
Like the concept though. Good design and background!

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This should be in the game

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