The story of how Ryker lost his eye

An Anonymous Gurkha

The Himalayas are now a source of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Smoke the size of New York bellows out from the cold moutains and up into the blackened sky that turns days to endless nights. The MK2s are at work nuking the whole mountains to dust while the Gorgons, Galantes and smaller bots are at work feeding earth and rocks into giant mechanical crushers, the rumbling and humming of these machines shake the earth as far as Gobi desert up north and Indian Ocean to the south.The lust for Heronium has turned the Himalayan Homeland of many into dust and rubbles.

Misek Hang Limbu, a war veteran and an elite commando of the UAFs belongs to a Limbu tribe, one of the most respected tribes of the himalayan region of Asia, one the world knows as “Gurkha - The Protector” and the last of the few to witness the fall of Chomolungma (Mount Everest).

Earlier that day, Misek gets a radio signal from his best friend Jackson (Ryker) that the UAFs would soon start a mission against Colonel Wesson in the Himalayas to bring the Heronium zone under their control lest Sewalungma ( Kunchenjunga) would fall into the hands of the warring factions or the Outlanders.
As he sits beside a fire in a cold night in anticipation of a coming war, his mind drifts back to his childhood days when he as a child would sit in his father’s lap and would listen to the lores of his ancestors, staring at the fire with his palms stretched towards the crackling woods before him, the fats dripping out of a smoked pig into the fire. His mother would be busy feeding his younger brother in her lap and once in a while would give a look at him and his father, a look that would bind them together, a lifetime. The smoke rising up through the chimney and out amongst the pine trees and into an endless starry night.
" Gurkhas were undefeated", father would say, “the Saviour of this world, a martial race, a synonym of courage, fought all over the world, fought for the British before, the UN Peacekeepers later, ultimately fought to save humanity…” my father’s eyes wouldn’t blink as he said “… but we were just used as mercenaries…” his jaws stiffened “…they sold our mountains, our trees, water and earth, while we died each war with just few left to save our own homeland.”
Father would look at him and say " You are Misek ( meaning Spark in Limbu), a Spark of a fire, a Spark of hope and by the grace of Yuma Sam ( Mother Goddess) you shall lead your tribe, reclaim, rebuild your homeland, a ‘Sukh Him’ ( A new Home) for your children and children’s children".
The beep beep of the radio suddenly brings Misek back from his thoughts.
" Ryker has been hit, we need you to rescue him…" speaks Nightingale on the other side of the line… …Continued.


“If a man says he’s not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha”


Ryker’s real father was Kurtz

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