New Hero Concept: Decimator

First try at this (for this game anyway) here goes nothing.

Hero name: Decimator
Faction: KLG irregulars
Element: Mech

Bio: decimator was once a normal vanguard unit, though unsatisfied with his role, he raided an armory and went off to destroy an entire UAF. Battalion singlehandedly. For his valor in combat, (and unchecked brutality), Kurtz awarded him a position in his irregulars unit. Where he happily serves to this day.

Weapon: The Hammer
A heavy Gatling gun with a slow start up time but an absurd amount of ammo and damage

image Bronze skill: Crackdown
This hero roots themselves in place, taking 80% less damage, and converting their basic weapon into a massive siege weapon
This new form has about half the accuracy, but three times the damage. Lasts 15 seconds and doesn’t have to reload.

Silver skill: ion shield
This hero shields themselves and one random ally (he may have hated being a vanguard but that doesn’t mean he didn’t keep the shield), absorbing 90% of all damage and lasting until destroyed.

Gold skill: iron will
When outnumbered or out matched, this hero gains 90% extra hit points, doubles their damage output, and gains 50% cooldown on all active skills.

Platinum skill: blood fueled
This hero gains 10% skill cooldown for every enemy killed.

Ruby skill: (whatever the damage one is)

Let me know what you think.


Nicely done, you can also resize the icons to be smaller or bigger. Try to make them all the same size to increase interest in the skills.