Hero Concept: Pharaoh

Hero Concept: Pharoah

**this hero has already been made before on my old account @OxynticYT and here is the link:https://hhforum.superchargemobile.app/t/hero-concept-pharaoh-the-all-knowing-coward/16126

I changed around his skills and everything to make it a better overall hero.

Pharaoh- Godly Attacker

“I am a god, thus making me better then you”

Pharoah was born into a line of royalty and is the son of the sun god Ra. Pharaoh took to battle after his father was killed by mercenaries. Adorning his black robe laced with gold and his golden mask of a king, Pharaoh proves himself useful in battle with his godly techniques. Using his Pyramid Spike SMG, Pharaoh makes quick of his enemies.

Starting details(Green):
Power: 173
Damage: 56
Reload Time: 2.3 seconds
Fire Rate: 10.4 bullets per second
Ammo Capacity: 60
Health: 1283

Bronze Skill: Eye of Ra
Marks all enemies for 5 seconds and all enemies that are cloaked become uncloaked. Also, all allies damage increases by x and allies health by x while the enemy is marked.

Silver Skill: Sandstorm
Pharaoh summons [Sandstorm] in a large area which slowly breaks down cover and roots and does x damage per second to enemies in that area. The effects last 10 seconds.

Gold Skill: Eternal Grudge
All enemies that are in the [Mercenary] faction cause Pharaoh to gain x armor while they are alive. The bonus armor is lost once they are killed. If there are no [Mercenary] faction heroes, then other allied heroes gain x health.

Platinum Skill: Pyramid Scheme
This hero leeches on all enemies lower than x level and does x damage. This hero gains 50% of the total damage and turns it into health.

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