Mini Hero Concept; Matrix (unfinished)

Just so y’all know; this is a unfinished version of a concept and is subject to change;

:wave: Hi Hunters! Back again with another concept, :tada:
Allow me to show you my latest idea, a hero who can parry attacks
Kinda like ronin and his riposte, but overcharged…

I present;

Matrix; The Damage Diverter

So far I don’t have any stats or anything related to the hero, so consider this a preview of how the final product of my idea might end up as!

  • This means I won’t have stats or other exact details on the hero.

The looks!
So far I found this concept design for a futuristic soldier, however I might find a different image that I feel suits my vision better later on;

I like the look of the suit and feel like it lines up with my general idea for what I had in mind for the hero.


Coming soon…

The goods (abilities)


Bronze Ability - Active Ability;
Power charge,
This hero fires a charged shot at the targeted enemy dealing (Energy Damage).

If an enemy is killed by this ability, this hero gains the ability to target more than one enemy. (Damage is not distributed, both targets receive same amount of damage as original shot)

This ability deals additional damage equal to 50% of damage absorbed from Energy Absorption over the course of the entire battle.

Silver Ability - Active Ability;
Energy Absorption
(This hero uses his precision helmet and fast reflexes with his cybernetic and flexible hands to move two large electrically charged “sticks” that absorb all incoming damage by blocking attacks through precise movements.)

The hero removes all kinetic energy from incoming fire and diverts said power into a contained charge throughout the suit diverting power for later use.

Ability is channeled for 2 seconds (+1s every 20 levels)

Gold Ability - Passive Ability:
Clear the area
Whenever an enemy is killed, this hero and his Allies gain (Armor) and increase damage output by 35% for 10 seconds.

If Matrix kills an enemy himself, he and his Allie’s gain (health per second) for the rest of the mission. (Stacks)

Platinum Ability - Passive Ability;
Power Drain
During Energy Absorption, this hero consumes all incoming Ability damage taken by the entire team while the ability is active.

Additionally, when Matrix kills an enemy himself he gains a charge of Elite Combatant granting unlimited ammo for 10 seconds and increases his rate of fire by 3% per kill for the remainder or the match.
(Unlimited ammo time increases by 1s every 10 levels)
(Fire rate increase amount adds 1% every 50 levels)

Ruby Ability - Passive Ability
Doing Damage
The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a (Elemental Attack Damage) bonus, as well as a Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.


This hero has a Triple burst pulse rifle
The rifle contains 30 ammo and has a firerate similar to Enigma but fires 3 shots every time the trigger is pulled.


Didn’t mean to post it just yet, clicked the button on accident, I am gonna do a few changes in the next minutes bc it wasn’t fully done

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Looks like a cool hero. I really like the concept of the skills and how they would work together.
Although, I do think the damage absorption sounds quite op as it reads now.
Maybe limit damage absorption to a number of enemies? He only has 2 “sticks” to absorb, maybe they double and he can block and absorb from max 4 enemies on plat skill?
I don’t want to insult you or your concept, just throwing out ideas.

Yes the idea of absorbing damage is meant to be op. However he isn’t protecting from damage from other heros, only protecting from skill damage and absorbing a good percent of damage coming towards himself.

I was even thinking about making it so he can become overwhelmed by damage. Like after taking a upgrabale amount of damage. He starts the block by only 50% of the damage. Meaning the damage he can deal in return is 25% of incoming damage.

Very nice. I hope it gets noticed

Hopefully it will once I Finish it. :grin:

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