New Hero Concept: Zeus - King Of The Gods

Element: Energy
Faction: Bandits
Position: Rearline

Hp 3/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

Bandits affiliate: he doesn’t talk much

Electric Mutant - Conductor - Survivor - Light Support - Heavy Damage Skill - Double Personality

  • Zeus” is just the code name given by its affability to lightning and its exaggerated power.
  • Zeus is one of the few survivors of an experiment to “bring the gods back into the world” during the end of Second World War.
  • He suffers from a split personality that makes him believe he is really the King of the Gods, especially when he gets angry.

Bronze: Lightning Wrath - Charges all its energy in one lightning bolt and throws it at the target.
The lightning can cause X elemental damage, stun for 15sec or kill the target instantly.

Silver: Smell Of Storm - electrifies the air in the field allowing its attacks to amplify among the enemies.

  • [Storm Smell] nullifies enemy electrical attacks by channeling it into health for the hero.

Gold: Olympic Armor - Sometimes the armor can deflect enemy energy elemental attacks by sending them back to the sender.

Platinum: Eagle Of Light - when he dies, the spirit of the hero is reincarnated in an eagle of light giving Strength, Vitality and Resistance to all surviving allies for 15sec.

  • enhances X% damage, X% maximum health and X% armor.
  • As long as [Eagle of Light] is active, the hero cannot be revived.

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: is a visibly old man, but with a young, muscular body.
Due to his mutant nature and the heavily modified genetic factor, it is not possible to give him a precise age.
His skin is a pinkish grey, his eyes are totally white, he has a beard and very long, white hair.
He wears a predominantly white armor with black details, only the trunk is left uncovered and with the right back completely golden.

His Weapon: Zeus’s Lightning Strike
is not a real physical weapon, but literally javelins of electricity that the hero generates himself.
Have high damage, good accuracy and virtually infinite amount of ammo, but the rate of fire from one to another is very low.
Javelins can be charged to do more damage and not consume ammunition but health, each javelin can consumes up to 50% of it.

Class: Special
Shooting Rate: 2.15
Energy Consumed: 10%
Damage: High

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