Hero Concept: Venandi

Some days, you are the Hunter; some days, you are the hunted

A lone robot that was originally programmed for sport. It one day got the taste for blood and now hunts the most dangerous animal…man.

Name: Venandi
Occupation: Hunter
Element: Biochem
Weapon: Assault Rifle


  • Bronze: :shield: Shield - Shield yourself from incoming damage for 8 seconds or until shield is destroyed
  • Silver: :white_circle: Drone Orb - Summon a drone orb that aids you in battle, shooting elemental damage
  • Gold: :running_man: Fight or Flight - If shield is destroyed before the time is up, the drone orbs gain increased fire rate for a few seconds.
  • Platinum: :adhesive_bandage: Self repair - constantly recovers health to stay in shape for the hunt
  • Ruby: :muscle: Doing Damage

Hero description: We have a mech drone user and we have an energy drone user, but no biochem drone user. So this would be a robot design. something simle and not over the top look. Drone orbs are rather simple, think like the lightsaber training robots. Floating orb that shoots, doesnt need to be a drone look, something different. Colors used will be silver (for the robot) but also have some green (for the biochem).


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