New Hero Concept: Vanhal - Monster Hunter

Biochemist Hero
Faction: Mercenary

Hp 2/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

High-alloy hunter armed to the teeth, capable of causing serious damage while constantly regenerating health.

Bronze: Straight To The Heart - aim the target and shoot a poisoned wooden stake that causes damage over time and blocks healing.

Silver: Holy Granade - charge and throws a grenade that explodes after 2 seconds in a large area.

Gold: Blessed - increases the damage of the weakest ally still alive.

  • if the ally dies, after 5 seconds the bonus passes to another hero

Platinum: Thirst - for the entire duration of the game, steals a small amount of health from the weakest enemy by treating himself or the ally with less health.

Appearance: He is inspired by Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter D and BloodBorne.
He is all dressed in black, trench coats, trousers, shoes, gloves, a large wide-base hat and a bandana covering his nose and mouth.


He is armed with an automatic fire crossbow, medium rate of fire, low damage and fast reload speed and holy grenades.


A bit of Backstory:
It was a cold winter night in the streets of London when at some point a man appears from a corner running terrified and with his left hand pressing on his right arm, chased by a mysterious figure.
The man was running around in breath until he reached a dead end, felt the wall and tried to climb, but that figure reached him and shot him in the leg making him fall.
That figure came closer and closer, and that man tried in every way to get away, until he arrived at the corner of the wall where he curled up in the fetal position covering his head and hiccups asked for forgiveness and mercy.
That dark figure knelt down, pointed his big weapon at the head of the man and kindly asked by pressing more and more the cane on the forehead of the man.

?: Speak
M: I don’t know anything, I swear
?: Are we sure about this?
*Pressing more and more

M: I beg of you, let me… aaaaaaaaaaa
But that mystery figure pulled the trigger and killed the man.
At that point something strange happened to the man, the skin disappeared leaving behind a metal skeleton as if it were the naked body of a puppet.

The man hit that bot in the head and dropped a half-burned audiocassette from his mouth.

?:… another hole in the water
*Activate the radio
?: Athena here, Van, we’re wrong again.
Athena: Again? But how many are there? 1 hour I got 6, at least yours said something?
V: No, it seemed like yes but in the end the same as the others
A: Wow, how many did Endor make?
V: hopefully they were the last ones, the latter already seemed half broken, in the meantime let’s retire that it is now late … What do you want for dinner?
A: mah… I would like one of the huge pizzas of Uncle Mario
V: Okay, but you’re paying this time…

Vanhel hadn’t noticed that the eyes of the bot were still lit even if you didn’t see it very well and somewhere who knows where someone was watching him from a dark room full of monitors.

?: Don’t rush Van, we’ll meet very soon, I promise you.

Note: Monster Hunter is intended for fugitive criminals with a huge bounty on their head but so dangerous that no one dares to do anything, an example are the S.W.A.T. and Endor (who is another hero in the planning).


You know, we need a hero with a crossbow repeater, that would be dope!