Hero Crossover Concept: Doom Slayer - Eternal Gunslinger Of Hell

Before we start, this is a crossover, the title says it too.
I place my idea on what the Doom Guy could be like if he arrived in this universe.
Doom is a product of id Software, all the images below belong to the owners etc…
Here the links of the images:

Element: Mech
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 5/5

Rip… and… Tear.

Dps - Heavy Hitter - Fast Striker - Gunslinger - Stupidly OP

  • The Doom Slayer arrived here through a badly coordinated portal.
  • It suddenly found himself fighting against everyone because they don’t know which side he’s on and because he looks quite threatening.
  • So until he doesn’t know how to go back, he’s forced to fight who in theory he should protect… but they are details.

Bronze: Slayer Arsenal - change the main weapon by selecting a random one from his arsenal.
The weapons are Heavy Cannon (50 bullets), Plasma Rifle (30 bullets), Combat Shotgun (8 bullets) and the Chaingun (100 bullets).

  • Each weapon has its own special feature and will remain active until the end of the ammunition.

Silver: BFG 9000 - Shoots a powerful plasma sphere in a straight line.
The sphere will explode on contact with a surface causing an immense damage X to the enemy directly hit and hitting the rest of the enemies with electric strikes.

Gold: Doom Launcher - every 20sec the Slayer’s shoulder grenade launcher will automatically fire a grenade that will cause X damage in a medium area with a small chance of igniting the entire area or target causing more X damage for 3sec.

Platinum: Never Ending Cycle - for the entire game, the Slayer will absorb all the damage received.
When he has absorbed X damage, he will throw a powerful punch at the target causing the same amount of damage as the absorbed one.
If it is below 20% health, he will use the absorbed damage to heal himself.

Ruby: Doing Damage

Appearance: Our friendly and bloody neighborhood Slayer wears the default armor of Doom (2016).

Rare Skin: Eternal - he wear the default armor of Doom Eternal

His Weapon: The Super Shotgun
The iconic and powerful double-barreled shotgun, with a huge base damage, high rate of fire and medium-fast reload.
the only flaws of this weapon are its low ammunition and low accuracy over long distances.

Class: Shotgun
Shooting rate : 1.03 Round/Sec
ammunition capacity : 2
recharge time : 1.55 sec
damage : High


Rip and tear, until it is done.


Now will the shotgun work like in Borderlands? Play that guitar sound with each shot?

First of all, this has been made earlier, besides that i’m a doom fan too so i like this

When and where?
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