Hero Suggestion: Dynamo

Faction: Nomads

Name: Dynamo (Two-sided Combateer)

Description: A unpredictable soldier. Has a combination of damage and support abilities and can sterilize enemies from their skills.

Weapon: Dual Revolvers

Ammo; 12 ammo (6 per gun)

Rounds: 1 per second

Element: Energy/Mech

Skills (Full Platinum and lvl 75)

  • Holy Spirits (Bronze): If this hero is in (Angelo) form, heal 5% health to allies for 10 seconds and boosting 10% armor for all allies for 7 seconds. If this hero is in (Diablo) form, this skill targets all enemies, dealing 8% of their max health per second for 5 seconds.

  • Two Worlds (Silver): If this hero is in (Angelo) form, restore all cover to 100%. Also, all allies abilities are added with a 40% charge and reduce incoming damage by 40% for 6 seconds. If this hero is in (Diablo) form, cover over the enemy’s side is disabled for 10 seconds. Also, all enemies are Marked, reduced armor by 25% and all enemies receive 8K damage per second for 18 seconds.

  • Dual Faced (Gold): Whenever this hero’s health is above 75%, this hero is in (Angelo) form and gains the Energy element. If this hero’s health is reduced below 75%, this hero is in (Diablo) form and gains the Mech element an extra 9K per shot.

  • Finish This Fight (Platinum): If an ally dies, a soul replaces the dead ally with 150K health and possesses the dead ally’s abilities. If an enemy dies, replace the dead enemy with a soul that only stays there.

  • With (Finish This Fight), abilities like Ifrit’s plat and gold does not work because no one died because of the soul that replaced the enemy. Also, this works on Panzer’s gold and Francoise’s gold.