Hero Hunter Roast

Hey guys, HERO HUNTERS has stayed with us for a long time.

Thanks for this game, I think we all had a lot of fun.

So why don’t we make a roast event to share the funny point of this game!

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I will go first.

Most are based on pvp scene.

  1. Panzer: I am a top DPS, no one can escape from my shot!!! Don’t run! Flatline!
    Flatline: OK OK, I count for you from now. Missed, missed, missed, hit, hit, missed…Hey panzer, I am not moving, can you just adjust your gun???

  2. Savage: I am tanky.

  3. Butter and Kobolo: You’d better kill one of us quick at the very beginning, otherwise I will show you what is desperation.

  4. Anvil: (from death) Next time I will definitely meet a shielder!
    (Next game) Oh Butter and Kobolo, juicy!!!..YOU MOTHER FUXXER PANZER!!!

  5. Flatline: I heard a lot of players complaining about my reviving skills. Hey guys, it’s a fair skill okay? I make DAMAGE to myself at the same time to revive my team member!
    Moss: WTF is your DAMAGE about???

  6. Ryker: Hey devs, I am the oldest hero in this game, don’t you consider to make me a top dps hero? Come on, please, it’s loss of face when everyone leveling up…

  7. Halo says to Ifrit: Idiots tried so hard to kill Mauler and thought he is the killer so won’t be revived again lol. (15s later) wow Mauler is back, go rush all of them out!!! WAHOOO!

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  1. Clyde: Give me a chance, I will beat you cry to call me daddy.
    Odachi: Agree.
    Kunoichi: Agree, but mommy.
    Kaishi: Although I am new, but agree.

  2. Mauler quarreled with Caine: Without you I can still fight like a unstoppable beast!!!
    Mauler solo and meet opponent with Mauler and Caine: MOTHER FUXXER.

  1. Min: what was that? I can’t hear you! Are you trying to skill me?
    Anvil: I can’t hear them either.
    [both]: …Chesterfield?
    Chesterfield: heh, heh-heh, heh!
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My opponent’s dogface: god.
My dogface: shit…

Fighting the Mauler meta: Oh, you want to land shots, be able to move, and not constantly take DoT? No can do.

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