I like the game. :)

I see a lot of negativity on here! Everyone is obliged to their experience and to state their opinon - but gosh, looking at the forum last week is depressing!

I can’t say I share the same problems as “everyone” is bothered by. I don’t get disconnects. My matchmaking is most often OK. Panzer is manageable. Ifrit might be problematic in higher PVP ranks but I personally (and most people with me) can’t be bothered by that since we don’t try to compete for the high rankings. i play until it’s fun, when it’s starting to get tedious or frustrating then I’m done for a while. Popping a lower team in, keep fighting against non-platinum Ifrits.

The health and healing rebalance is great! I love that the matches are longer, making them more engaging and strategic. Makes me feel like I’m playing an actual GAME and not just rock-paper-scissors.
I know the “role warfare” project continues but personally i think it’s fine as it is. Making a DPS rebalance might take thew new PVP charm away, back to basics again - but we’ll see about that; I’m sure the developers have a well-thought plan for this.

I hope to spread some positivity on here. I won’t enter someones criticising thread and ruin it so I hope you also respect me enough not to pollute it with bitter comments. If you, like me, love the game in its current state and is eager for more and new updates - tell us about it!

And oh! I hope there’ll be a new Devastation event soon, it was great fun last time.



I am only interested in pve contents of the game and care less about its competitive aspects. (for example, I like campaigns, raids and bounty)

Someone on discord said “This game is a journey, not a race.” Which I agree.

I am entertained in experiencing upcoming fun stuffs with updates, new heroes that are worth collecting and raising.

Even if people find pvp unbalanced, boring, frustrating and feel urged to leave the game, I don’t care. Just because of the fact pvp is broken will never make me leave the game. I can predict so many potentials in this game.


I’ve played about 30 PVP matches today alone and didn’t see these broken teams more than once. They’re often high in power, so playing lower power teams makes you miss them definitely.

Perfect example of Blind optimism

“Playing lower power teams” is something some players can’t do. There are players that have all heroes maxed, so they are going to be matched against these teams constantly.

Around half my heroes are strong enough for me to face plat heroes. The other have have all their skills at level 1 since I can’t afford paying for their skills.

So either I fight a stupid combo that’s almost impossible to beat, or play with a huge power disadvantage.

Avoiding a problem doesn’t mean there is no problem :confused:

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While I admire your optimism, playing lower power heroes seems to completely miss the point. The entire focus of the game is leveling your heroes and then using them once they’re higher powered. If currently, players are unable to use the heroes they’ve leveled, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of everything you do in the game?

HH (and most freemium games) rely on the dopamine trickle of progression. If you can’t even enjoy using the heroes you’ve put that progression into, then what’s the point of playing?

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I would personally like to agree with you as I believe the game is great, despite its flaws. I would also like to think that the Devs would work much better if they are given fair criticism and positive reinforcement, and are not just bashed by people who are angry or disagree with the changes made.

I’m top 500 with using 1 silver and the rest bronze, my normal team just get to much ifrits, waiting 3 minutes to just die is to boring, so yeah I’m also back at 17k power teams :sweat_smile:

For the rest I do love this game

We all like this game, otherwise we wouldn´t play it.

The game is still great all in all. I also like the matches beeing longer, but having an overpowered, madatory hero every month to have fun in pvp is just killing it for me.

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In general though, what’s happening right now, is a critical mass of some poor steps, lack of foresight, inability to listen to the people, perpetual short term cash grabs etc. Even this post has hints of denials like “can’t be bothered by ifrit since we don’t try to compete for higher rankings.” It sounds so fishy and sarcastic, might as well be an article from the onion.

People have been constructive and patient. This post trying to downplay the current sad state of the game is really a slap to people who have stuck with the game hoping for a more grounded way to move forward. People are loud because they like the game. Lols

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While panzer was strong I could still try and win sometimes.

but this ifrit, flatline, Nightingale Caine and (add hard damage dealer) combo you can’t do anything, killing the healers won’t help since they do 0 damage and will never kill someone, so ifrit always revives them, and even if you kill the damage dealer flatline will revive him/her. Resulting in an endless match of healing spam, and they will try to take down 1 or 2 hero’s to make sure they win.

Playing 5 matches in 20 minutes only to see the same team healing, healing, healing and kill 1 hero is boring, so that’s why I’m fighting below 20k power to avoid ifrit

Yes, thank you for this post. This hits the nail precisely on the head.