i wonder who makes the decisions to change the heroes stats, and why would you decide to nerf panzer now? or nerf nights heal now? it’s been 3-4 months now we’ve been saying something but you do it when you release a new bio dps hero. and you take away the critical chance from maulers skin, it’s like you can’t have anything in the way of your profits from the new faction. i get use to using certain heroes, certain ways, and i master the controls just to have the hero tweaked and then i have to start the training process all over with different team comps. i just wonder what motivates these decisions, because i know the community was begging for a panzer nerf for a long time and after they give up asking, you do it out the blue. i guess my feud is really with the world order and how profit maximization is more important than satisfying the customer. there’s moderators on here to stop people from bad mouthing support (i’ve been threatened to be kicked out for saying what support said to me) and criticizing the game. it controls the narrative so there’s no free speech, and allows them to use our comments to make more money off us. and at this point i have to realize i’m debating a cheap mobile game that could be created in coding 101. and everything i’ve said will be meaningless and change nothing except it will piss a few people off that either think this is a “lot to read” because it takes more than 240 characters to digest or that it’s heresy to have a negative opinion about the people that create the game. and i guess after paying 4800$ to reach vip 15 i do feel somewhat entitled to not only have and voice my opinion, but to have it listened to by the devs. you already make every pvp tournament impossible to compete in without the new hero at 30 freakin x but now you have to nerf our other heroes to make sure you squeeze every last hold out lol… does anyone else see what i mean? or am i being dramatic? lastly i just wanted to say that i made several threads and read plenty of other threads complaining about nights heal, we were SO FRUSTRATED, and in response, the following update you BUFFED HER HEAL! and now that we all stopped asking you nerf her… why? i can’t see an innocent explanation

Alright I’m going to try and dissect this post to see If i can hit on some of your concerns.

  1. What makes this game fun for a lot of people is the variety of heroes they are able to choose from and collect. I can’t speak for everyone, but some of my favorite heroes in the game are necessarily the strongest. In order to allow this game to have the variety it provides, heroes go through changes during different periods to try and bring a “fresh” experience of playing them. This happens in almost any game that involves some sort of tactical aspect, doesn’t matter if its weekly or yearly.
  2. If you remember, there is ongoing balance changes they stated in their role warfare post a couple months ago. Each patch has had a central focus on some aspect of heroes, this month happened to be some changes to shotguns and bullet spreads. So that why you are seeing some bigger changes to panzer then in the past (and why you aren’t seeing huge changes to other strong heroes)
  3. I understand your frustration a little better by your statement that you enjoy the current team comp you have been playing. You have figured out good ways to use characters and set up strategies with. Some players enjoy running the same exact team for every event and every time they play PvP and there is nothing wrong with that. Other players start to get tired of that, and would like to see some heroes get changes to try and use other ones that aren’t typically ran.
  4. About 75% (?) of the posts on the forums are about stuff players want to see in the game or criticizing some aspect of it. Most start a good discussion and some changes do get implemented into the game. Where stuff starts to get shut down is when accusations start to fly and the conversation turns from “Okay I don’t like this how can we make it better” to “everything sucks, this game sucks, mods suck, etc.” Not saying you or this post is doing that, but constructive discussion will 1000x be better in the long run instead of just spewing out anger over a post.
  5. I’m not to sure about your “$4800, vip 15 I demand to be heard” part because as you stated above, issues regarding Panzer have been talked about for MONTHS on here and in game. This kind of also ties in with the above thing as well. If you offer a good idea and a way it can be implemented , you have a pretty decent shot of having it at least discussed. Bounty changes, fiesta matador, santa savage, and multiple differnt hero changes were all discussed on here, discord, and vip chat before they were actually implemented.
  6. The nightingale question goes back to point 2. In the October update they changed a ton of cool-down times on bronze skills, since that update (and input from the community) the time has been increased over the last few patches. They made her a tiny bit to strong that update and have have been gradually working her back since then.
  7. The 30x multiplier in events was made because of the reduced event time (going from 2 or 3 days to 1) I believe this was something discussed on the discord, even with some mods asking for some feedback, and probably in vip chat. I personally think its great, especially since that specific hero has unlimited lives (I think this is true, right?) so you can play them in so many different comps.

That’s about all for now I guess, hope I kind of answered some of your thoughts!


Damn that is a wall of text again, no idea why you refuse to write in a proper way. Your threats would be taken much more serious if you do.

Back to topic…Beneched already said most of what there is to say, I just want to add a few things.

Panzer was not nerfed, she was rebalanced, because of the new shotgun mechanics. They even state that in the change description.
Nightingale was rebalanced last time too, it just did not workout the way they thought so they did the same again this time, just a bit more. As they stated before, they want to do small changes instead of doing one big nerf and afterwards buff the hero again, because they went to far.
Mauler was nerfed a bit, because he was to strong and he still is a top tier PvP hero, even with a few % less crit.

You want them to listen to you? Then write a proper, non attacking text with some constructive feedback. No one is shout down here. You can critize the game and even the devs/support. But as you said yourself, you were bad mouthing them. If someone from your ally starts bad mouthing you, would you be okay with that or would you kick him? I think we all know the answer. Just because you spend a lot of money you are not worth more than others. There are many that spend as much as you or even more, so you are just an average player, who is free to give his opinion in a proper manner.