Hero Hunters 6th Anniversary!

In today’s day and age, six years feels like a very long time. Time and everything around us pass by so quickly, things come and go. To have persisted for such a period is something truly to be celebrated!

Happy 6th anniversary, Hero Hunters!

Whether here from the very beginning or from later, each player from the community is an integral part of what makes the game so special for so many years. Today, we celebrate not only the game’s anniversary but also everything devs both old and new have done, and all of you - our amazing community.

In light of our celebrations, here’s what we have prepared:

In-game gifts!

What is a birthday without gifts, right? Check your inboxes if you haven’t already to find a special gift, including a very special portrait, from our team!

Giveaways in Discord!

Starting today, over the next 3 days, there will be a daily giveaway in our Discord Server!
Each giveaway will have two winners and last 24h. The rewards are as follows:

Day 1 - MK 6 Core
Day 2 - 300 Gold
Day 3 - 7* Crate Token

If you haven’t joined our official Discord server yet, click here to join!

“The Mints” - Hero Hunters 2023 Awards!

Time to look back at the past year and choose our favorite (or least favorite) Heroes, buffs, and other things from 2023!

Cast your votes here: "The Mints" - Hero Hunters 2023 Awards - News & Announcements - Official Hero Hunters Community

A look behind the scenes!

Last year we shared with you some concept art of recent Heroes and skins and many of you seemed to enjoy it, so why not turn it into a tradition?

Here are some concepts from our awesome artists:

Thank you all for being here no matter since when and here’s to a lot more time together! :heartpulse:


Having been part of this community for over 6 years. That portrait made me a little emotional :smiling_face_with_tear: 6 darn years! It took up a chunk of my life and I never regretted a single minute I spend around here and this community! I will not just thank the devs for this but the people as well! Whether you are/have been gone, or whether you’re still with us! Thank you for so many years of joy and excitement!
I wish I could hug every single one of you♥️


6 years


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