Hero Hunters 2023 Fanart Contest!

Hello Hunters!

It’s no secret that we have some amazing artists in our community! But there are some more that might be hiding…No matter if you are skilled or not, if you enjoy drawing, this is your time to shine!

Hero Hunters 2023 Fanart Contest is here!

The timeframe:

The contest begins right now and it will be running until May 15th included. After that, the HH team will take likely around a week to review all submissions and select the winners.

The rules:

  • Has to be any Hero already in the game
  • The art having Spring-themed details and accents will be a huge bonus!
  • Keep it PG appropriate
  • You can use both traditional and digital tools
  • The usage of AI art programs is not allowed
  • 1 entry per person

Artworks can be submitted both in the comments of this post and in the newly created channel on our Discord server. If you haven’t joined our Discord server yet, feel welcome to check it out and come hang out with a bunch of awesome people who are passionate about the game!

The winners and rewards:

There will be 3 winners with the chance for some honorable mentions! As for the rewards…drum roll, please…

:1st_place_medal: 1st place reward:

  • 1 x MK6 Core
  • 1 x MK5 Core
  • 500 Gold
  • Rare skin of choice

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd place reward:

  • 1 x MK5 Core
  • 300 Gold
  • Rare skin of choice

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd place reward:

  • 200 Gold
  • Rare skin of choice

There might also be some other surprises at the end!

Have fun and good luck!



I finally get a chance to choose the one rare skin I want, but it’s a fricken art challenge, am doomed

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Thxs for this willow, i alr have an idea also skin si just any rare akin and no mithics right?

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Rare skins only, if it was mythic it would be listed as that I bet,

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HEEYYYYOOOOOO GUYS!!! Just dropping this chibis. HIHI

  1. Do you have the separate pieces
  2. Neo already won the contest.

We shall see about that… lappo and me might provide good competition hehehe
(Also I feel like I’ve seen some of those chibis before, idk)


Love it, Neoooooo!

Good thing I’m not the one voting hihihihi :smiley:


yes i do have the separate pieces. HAHAHHA

yep, you did saw them, from my previous arts. ahahahaha

eeeeeeeyyyy, but im guessing you are gonna pursuade them, them boom, my trophy. hahahahha anyways, im glad you love it willow, they are just a recycled chibis though, except for the 4, hihihi

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Mind sharing them? There’s some i haven’t seen before

(Will put in discord server later, putting this here now bc I don’t have access to discord atm)

Enjoy me 5 hrs of work! Thank you Willow for the inspiration to draw Prophet! Happy Spring people! Summer almost here :tada:


Aaaaaaah cuteeee! (Never thought I’d say this about Prophet :smiley: )

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Kind reminder that the contest ends at 12AM UTC/PM EDT/4 PM PST. :blush:

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Aaaaand congrats to:

@neogens , @Seo_Den , @GIR and @BasherBenDawg ! :blush:

Head on over to the server for more details!


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