Hero idea #4, Flux

Name: Flux - Warptech Pioneer
Faction: KLG Black Ops
Element: Energy
Weapon Type: Pistol
Position: Midline
Roles: Self-Preservation, Anti-Shields, Team Support

Health: 3/5
Armor: 2/5
Damage: 3/5

Weapon Statistics: ‘3.5D Handgun’
Rate of Fire: 2.5 shots per second
Magazine Size: 9
Reload Speed: 1.5 seconds
Critical Chance: 15%


Bronze: ‘Temporal Waystation’
This hero places a teleporter uplink at her current location. At any point afterwards if the skill is triggered again, she will instantly be teleported back to it and regain X health. Each teleporter breaks after one use.

Silver: ‘Dimensional Shift’
This hero inflicts Phased upon herself for X seconds. She silences and heal blocks herself, but is immune to negative status effects and ignores enemy shields and armor for the duration of Dimensional Shift. The duration of this skill increases by one second every ten levels.

Gold: ‘Return to Sender’
When this hero receives a debuff from an enemy while Phased, all allies recover X health and the debuff is instead applied to a random enemy who also is silenced for its duration.

Platinum: ‘Emergency Relocator’
When this hero or an allied hero (not summons) is rooted or stunned, they will be teleported to another available space in their row. The root or stun still affects them afterwards. This skill cannot trigger more than once every thirty seconds per hero.

Ruby: ‘Tactician’ (Same as Fiber’s)

Bonus Lore: Her favorite pastime is randomly teleporting loaves of bread to people.


Nice work! I would recommend spacing out the hero concepts just a bit; keeps the attention on them a bit longer. Also, consider adding Skill Icons to your abilities to give them some life and draw the readers attention to them!

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@Vintermyst Okay, good, someone got the reference…

And thank you for the advice! I’ll do some implementing of that.

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I was just about to say. Sounds familiar🤣

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Never thought of implementing teleports. It’s a good way of doing it though. I might have added something like a remnant that stays behind on teleport. Which works individually from her. When she uses the button again or it dies she teleports to it

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