Hero Suggestion: Jaeger, Ghost Recon/Assassin

Hero Name: Jaeger
Type: Ghost Recon
Energy Hero
10/10 Semi-Automatic
KLG Black Ops

(Concept Art I Found)

Bronze Skill: Flashbangs
Throws 3 Flash Grenades at three random enemies stunning them for X seconds. If an enemy is killed while the stun effect is still on, this hero gets a X% more damage per shot for X seconds

Silver: Target Found
Targets the highest dps hero on the enemy team and marks them for X seconds. Marked hero takes X% more damage when hit. If target is killed, this hero gains an X% faster charge on Flashbangs

Gold: Teleportation
When hero takes or drops to X amount of health or X amount of damage, this hero will teleport to the nearest cover and regenerate health at X per second.

Platinum: Ghost
If an enemy is killed, this hero will throw smoke grenades hiding all teammates who will then move to the highest health cover. This hero will also go invisible and deal X% more damage on his next shot

What. Pretty sure KLG is soon. after watch, rangers, and possibly mercs lol?


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