Hero idea #5, Volta

Name: Volta - Inventive Shielder
Faction: The Watch
Element: Mechanical
Weapon Type: Marksman’s Rifle
Position: Midline
Roles: Shielder, Damage Support

Health: 2/5
Armor: 2/5
Damage: 4/5

Weapon Statistics: ‘Revolving Gauss Rifle’
Rate of Fire: 1 shot per second
Magazine Size: 6
Reload Speed: 2 seconds
Critical Chance: 10%


Bronze: ‘Clockwork Defense’
This hero deploys three drones that constantly fly between and shield the three allies with the lowest remaining health. The shields last ten seconds or until X damage is taken.

(The drones always target the heroes with the least health)

Silver: ‘Countercurrent’
This hero fires a laser at the targeted enemy dealing X damage and gains a shield equal to the target’s remaining health for 3 seconds.

Gold: ‘Machine Learning’
While all three shield drones generated by Clockwork Defense are active, all unshielded allies gain X health per second and deal an additional X Energy damage.

Platinum: ‘Vengeful Measures’
The first time this hero drops below 50%, 25%, and 0% health, she sends out a shockwave that staggers and has a 65% to mark each enemy for five seconds. The first time this hero dies, she also grants all allies a shield absorbing X damage that lasts until destroyed.

Ruby: Supported

Bonus Lore: Hivemind, Striker, and Volta go out for coffee together on Tuesdays.


Love the concept, the drawings really helped to picture her in action!


Thank you so much! :smiley:

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