New Hero Concept - Aegis - The Tech Defender

Aegis the Tech Defender
Element : Mech

Weapon : small auto pistol similar to Françoise pistol smallmedium damage 30 rounds


BRONZE : Sentinel : Shields himself and all allies absorbing medium damage. Shield lasts for 20 seconds. If 2 shields are depleted before 20 seconds, fire off 60% of damage done to all shields from (Sentinel) at a random enemy.
SILVER : Absorber : shields targeted ally for all incoming damage for 8 seconds. At the end converts all damage dealt in to healing for the them.
Gold : Booster Shields : any hero has any shield their damage is boosted by x damage and they gain 10% faster reload speed.
Platinum: This hero gains x damage. The healing from Absorber goes to all allies but only 50% what healed the targeted ally.

This is my first concept I would love suggestive on how to improve


There are no mech team shielders in the game whereas there is butter kobold bucket and phalanx for the others. this is why I created this concept

Nice work! You should look into making the Bronze and Silver Skills upgradable, as in, incorporating a variable that changes when leveled up. I agree we need more mech shielders other than Matador and Caine.

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Ok ill work on that thanks for the help you are good at making these

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