New Hero Idea: Russell the Iron Defender

Hero Idea: Russell the Iron Defender
Faction: The Watch
Description: A robot bodyguard. Has variety of defensive abilities to protect allies, but has mediocre offense
Element: Energy
Weapon: Guardian Assault Pistol
Bronze: Disruption Grenade - Throws a grenade at the target area. Enemies caught in the blast are disoriented and have their damage reduced by x% for x seconds
Silver: Riot Guard - Taunts the enemy team and shields himself for x damage for x seconds. The shield is destroyed at the end of the taunt duration. When the shield is destroyed, all allied heroes are healed equal to the damage the shield has taken.
Gold: Defensive Protocols - When this hero takes a total of x damage, he activates Defensive protocols. He cleanses himself of all negative effects,gains rapid health regeneration for x seconds, and takes no damage from attacks. The effect ends if he attacks,moves,uses a skill or is stunned. Damage counter resets if he took no damage for 5 seconds.
Platinum: Bodyguard - At the start of the mission, this hero shields himself, absorbing x damage for each hero with a health lower than him, which lasts until it is destroyed. Also, if an allied hero falls to below 25% health, this hero gains a shield equal to that hero’s remaining health, and any damage that hero takes is transferred to this hero. Cannot proc on more than an ally at a time.
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