Hero Idea #6, Hertz

Name: ‘Hertz’ - Vigilant Sentinel
Faction: The Watch
Element: Mechanical
Weapon Type: Sniper
Position: Backline
Roles: Disrupter, Sniper

Health: 3/5
Armor: 2/5
Damage: 4/5

Weapon Statistics: ‘The Long-Distance Call’
Rate of Fire: 1.5 shots per second
Magazine Size: 3
Reload Speed: 1.5 seconds
Critical Chance: 15%


Bronze: ‘Radio Silence’

  • Silences the targeted enemy. Each second, there is a 20% chance for the effect to end. Upon its end, the victim is staggered and takes X Mechanical damage.

Silver: ‘Aerial Striker’

  • Summons a drone with X health that fires a single powerful shot at an enemy every five seconds, dealing X damage. The drone will self-destruct after three shots have been fired. If a target hit is afflicted with Radio Silence, its effect is copied to a random enemy.

Gold: ‘Eye in the Sky’

  • This hero inflicts Watched on the last target she hit with a basic attack; decloaking them, disorienting them and causing them to take X Mechanical damage per second while moving.

Platinum: ‘Blackout Rounds’

  • This hero’s silver skill drone targets Watched enemies. When hit, they are cleansed of any buffs and take an additional X damage.

Ruby: ‘Supported’

Bonus Lore: Likes listening to music over the Watch’s HQ speakers. Loudly. At 3am.


Cool concept! Love the drawings! If this hero was put in, that brogan francoise team would be utterly useless against Hertz.

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Thank ya! I was thinking this would pose a larger threat to Verrill than anyone else, but yeah, Brogan/Francoise would not fare well either.

A very interesting concept! I really like the abilities, and as always, the custom artwork! Great job.

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You should get a job on Hothead


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