Buff some heros!

Let’s be honest, some heros aren’t the greatest or aren’t even worth using anymore, (cough cough, PANZER, cough) but what do you think should be done to some heros?

I’ll start it off with brogan, a simple idea,

his increased health with reload could be changed to this; every time he fires a shot, he increases his fire rate by 7% and reduces recoil by 15%, also give him doing dmg, this way he becomes a must as a mech burst dmg hero, becoming dealt really fast starting with a wild scattershot but turning into a laser of death as time goes on, also maybe change the shield ability to this; every time a allied hero dies or and enemy (not hero or boss, just any enemy in general) this hero buffs all Allie’s gaining health per second for each kill, if an ally is killed they gain dmg as well,
Also make him midline, Also his bronze, not really worth upgrading, so why not give it a little dmg buff, rather than per second, make it dmg in general, and also multiply it by 5, bc that would make it better as well, (me realizing how many times I said “also”,)

Other than those changes, the cleanse and the bonuses make him actually useful, (he’s a seven star for crying out loud),

Now what heros do y’all want to be changed? (Buffs only, no stygia crap people!)

Some hero ideas, ; scum, fortress, Everest, nightingale, Mariana’s, panzer, Gammond, operator, baron, oro, halo(except the lighting rod Cyphon,(the armor thing could use a change, maybe health per second or perm increase,) Hemilock, buff his main heal bc it’s worthless and barely heals

Feel free to share ideas below!
Who do you think could be more powerful?!

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I better see some Clyde’s down here!! Lol, someone give my guy a mythic! @GunSlinger

Just wanted to point out, Panzer is a beast at ruby. Her weapon can shred through Energy heroes in seconds. :+1:t2:

Gun Slinger is no longer part of the team.

good morning my young man…now I agree with your topic of buffs on heroes and not nerf…so with buffs you will gain more chances in pvp…now you can’t unload hate on a heroes for lack of your creativity and competence to assemble teams to win…IN THIS TOPIC I CAN EVEN HELP YOU IN SOME HEROES BUFFS… and speaking of which a hero who could have a buff in only one skill and the S.U.R.G.E. his skill that paralyzes the hero could also silence…so he would help a lot…THINK ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN MY FRIEND…this hero could neutralize stygia well!!!

You know what’s really ironic with this post. Panzer was a beast in PvP when she was first released. she was able to wipe out half a squad with one clip. Then people started crying and crying ( similar to what people are doing with Stygia right now ) and Panzer was nerfed to oblivion.

Most of the old timers will know what I’m talking about.

Awww, well I will miss him then, there goes my only hope for a clyde mythic lol

Boi, I had her so high and when I came back I wondered if by I put her past green lmao, she needs a base buff, ability wise that it, rather than just extra dmg, plus her spread is way to much,

The bullet spread was one of the nerf down Panzer has…
Previously she had narrower spread for her shotgun…

For now, besides if there’s a special events, now Panzer is good for Patrol crates…

I’m losing braincells here…

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