A skill that limits burst damage

I made a comment in role warfare that explains the need for it, but it’s an idea of it’s own, so it should go here.

We need an effective, reliable counter for the extreme burst damage heroes, dogface and panzer. At present, PvP is a drag because these 2 heroes are the only competitive heroes for doing damage.

My proposed fix is a skill that directly prevents extremely high damage rates by responding to some threshold damage by putting up a shield - either an impenetrable shield or one that also enhances defense - for a limited time, which can be quite brief, but must exceed dogface and panzer fire rates.

In order to be an effective counter, a hero with this skill must share the benefit with the entire team somehow. One way is to make it a passive that affects everyone like mandrake’s survival instinct. It could also be a manually activated skill that targets all allies, raising a powerful but short-lived shield. Finally, it could affect only the hero that uses it, but only if that hero can also revive fallen allies. Otherwise, while you couldn’t end a match with burst damage, you would easily take a 5 to 1 advantage, which is pretty much as good as ending the match.

This could be rolled out on a new hero, or it can be given to a hero like baron that doesn’t have any real use currently.

Very shortly put, your answers are Caine, Ifrit, and Mauler.

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I like caine and I am warming up to mauler.
They don’t really fit the criteria though. They affect all heroes equally, which doesn’t fix the problem of dogface and panzer being disproportionately effective. I don’t just want a skill that reduces incoming damage. I want a skill that only reduces burst damage, leaving steady DPS unaffected. That’s the only way they can be two roles instead of heroes that are just better.

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I’m rocking it with Baron though, but I’d like to see a buff on hin

mandrake (survival instict), phallanx (mag shield + power play), castellan (fortify), flat-line(stay with me), keel (ablative armor), oro (nuclear core), heimlock (booster shot + power drink), operator (squad support)

i’m just mentions all that i could’ve think that fit your criteria (it MIGHT BE WORK or NOT, im sure you’re already know that)

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How about Becks Disabling shot? 50% reduced ROF and reload is devastating for both of those heroes.

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I’m not sure cause i don’t have Beck. But her skill would probably come too late in the fight.

She’s dead late in the fight. Super-squishy.

On platinum you don’t stand a chance against her if you use a high ROF hero. Her platinum blocks most of it, while her gold restores her HP.
If you go against her with a sniper she is squishy, I agree.

None of those fit my criteria.

All healers punish steady DPS more than burst damage. That’s why DPS and burst are supposed to be different roles.

The two emergency healers, flatline and mandrake, only stop damage at a fixed rate, and that rate does not surpass the burst heroes’ damage rate in burst mode. I categorically ignore mandrake when I have burst damage for precisely that reason.

I don’t have oro, but I ignore him categorically and never regret it, so I’m going to guess he is not a fix.

The initial protection skills i.e. phalanx, heimlock, and keel are temporarily effective, but they punish steady DPS as much as or more than burst damage.

My idea is not a skill that makes it more difficult to damage me, and it appears that has confused everyone here. My idea is a skill that mitigates burst damage only, which might finally get some players to rely less on dogface and panzer in PvP.

Disabling shot is just as bad for steady DPS heroes. The burst heroes other than dogface and panzer do their damage with skills, which are not affected by disabling shot. Disabling shot does pop early, though.

Once more: reducing damage is not the goal and doesn’t encourage variety in PvP. Reducing burst damage only mitigates the problem. Adding more time between bursts and/or shortening the burst period to the extent that the total damage will be less than a steady DPS over that period would be a better fix and separates those 2 roles, but it seems HHG can’t nerf the right stats or pays too much attention to players who just can’t do math. A counter on a new hero is more realistic and will cause less whining from people who have invested a lot into burst damage already.

Min actually shows promise in this respect, though. The skill that dumps all of the target’s ammo can be used to terminate both dogface and panzer’s bursts and is not such a big deal to steady DPS.

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