Hero Search... bar?

There was this pvp matchup back when I played last, where you can search your guys for front/mid/rear and bio/mech/blues. Slow matches, great search bar. We need one.

Maybe even weapon types. Something user friendly, and a little detailed.

I’d like that implemented so if I’m looking for one specific hero I dont have to dig through EVERYTHING to find out I passed them, scrolling back and forth is a little irritating. And the stylized I to find who they’re a part of, weapon type, etc is inefficient . Anytime I see a skill I gotta dig to find anyone with synergy to it.

I see one in the pvp bar, I’d like it a little more detailed, like a secondary bar on weapon types or elements.

Like if I want a little more smg, a touch less sniper, and one tank instead of keep juggling and memorizing everything. All experimental teams fall apart badly when I find my whole team is made of snipers, or dps is all out of whack. It’s like grabbing a char, building it step by step and memorizing all aspects of them to figure them out what goes well with them.

My best pvp team I found on accident since my “best” heros arent pvp material. Just saying.


After reading the feedback rules, simply put it’s frustrating trying to find specific factions when you have to keep clicking the i button per caracter, scroll through all of your heros to find that one char that might be what your looking for.

I cant search midline, sniper, smg, heal, tank, shield, shield bypass, or any other quirky things I’ve tried to look up. Or found on accident never to be seen again.

If I’m looking to build a character or try something new I always have to click the I. Anything to minimize back and forth swiping would be great. Especially trying to level things up.

Because if I level everything up, the game gets harder. Also doesnt tell me who needs their skills raised.

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