Hero Spotlight: Alvarez

Chill. We havent seen any new 5 stars ever since the release of the game. dont you think there should be more?

What about shivs? She is a 5 star

almost forgot. Whoops

Who cares how many stars hero has? That was maybe important when we were much weaker.
New players cant get 5* through coops with this frag cap, I remember how hard was to get 3* without resetting

You should have him whisper “your parents never loved you” into targets ear, thereby making the target break down and cry for 10 seconds as his plat.ability


“all Stunned enemies take Damage per second”

…dangerous without proper balance

So true sin2sin. We have to remove this ridiculous daily limit on the new hero frags. This used to be one of the best team-building exercises of our alliance. The ones who unlocked the new hero early would then donate to others in the alliance with less money (or no money) to spend or who were unable to play as frequently and it brought us together. Made us stronger, dammit! This 8 frag limit per day just frustrates and alienates many players.


Dude you do know they said they will change how we get new heroes right?

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“Laughs Hard” Nice that sounds great

i think his silver is similar to buckets entire team lift for 2 sec. and that one proved to be worthless. but he might have some redeeming qualities, the 15% elemental damage reduction on his gold skill might be the most useful skill. and he heals himself but it’s not enough to make him that sustainable i bet. without any real healing, or support, he’s useless. unless it’s a dps hero, they’re useless without support qualities. i forecast him being worthless, shiv was a nice dps hero, but it’s time for a new support hero. please!!!

If you pair his Silver with both Gold and Plat, you stun them, Deal Damage to everyone that is stunned, and also heal.
Pretty strong.

Buckets silver skill is very useful when paired correctly. Still using her on gauntlet 6 and pvp. This hero’s silver though looks like it just heals him once he’s plat.

I’m wondering if Psychic Despair works for all enemies stunned by other heroes on your team as well. Because that would be epic.

Overall I love this new ranger. Skin is resistance 2 zombie ish. Cool!

Alvarez look Cool but I think his Silver skill Stun duration is too short (only 2 seconds)

I’m really confused by Alvarez’ bronze ability. What exactly is being upgraded, and what does it mean when it says that the affected enemy cannot perform any actions? Does this mean they are stunned, disoriented, silenced? Additional clarification would be greatly appreciated :+1:t2:

You asked this question twice in your comment. It was a slight oversight, and something will be added to it to make it worthwhile to upgrade.
and what it means is that the affected player can still run around and move, but cannot shoot, or use skills. now they can still aim, just not shoot.

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For those of you complaining about the bronze skill not working, Nikon is right and it’s a small miscommunication. His Bronze only silences the enemy and adds a heal reduction it DOES NOT ROOT or STUN THEM. I repeat, it does not root or stun them

As regard for what is being updates, Nikon said he is looking into having something be upgraded with the levels but nothing is certain yet.

Any ACTION refers to SKILLS and Ability to SHOOT only people,
This is your friendly neighbourhood ghost, have a good night!

Skills and Shooting.

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Already a bit disappointed in him, even if his temporal lockout made it where the hero was stunned for that duration, he would definitely fall short of this 5 star hype. He shoots slow, hard to see where he fits. Just putting my thought out there.

Made an edit to reflect that realization

What’s his role?

I don’t find him as a DPS, either a support hero. Maybe a buff on his plat skill would help him cause, idk, again, it seems kind of useless.

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