Hero Spotlight: Alvarez

Icon_ElementEnergy ALVAREZ

Faction_ColorIcon RANGERS

Alvarez, the Psychotic Psychiatrist, terrorizes the enemy with powerful sedatives, putting them in stasis and leaving them unable to act. With the ability to damage every enemy at once and Stun them, he works as a powerful interrupter, destabilizing the opposing team for easy cleanup.

Primary Weapon - Delirio Francotirador Rifle


Temporal Lockout

Bronze Ability

Locks the targeted enemy into a temporal prison that prevents them from performing any actions.

While affected by Temporal Lockout the target cannot perform any actions and has all healing received reduced by 90% for 7 seconds.

The affected enemy can still move and aim, just cannot perform any Skills or shoot their weapon. This does not Stun or Root them.

Neuro Overload

Silver Ability

Blasts all enemies with an overwhelming psychic attack, dealing Elemental Damage and Stunning each enemy for 2 seconds.

Psychic Despair - Passive Skill

Gold Ability

All enemies have their Elemental Attack Damage reduced by 15%.

Additionally, all Stunned enemies take Damage per second.

Stasis Flux - Passive Skill

Platinum Ability

Whenever an enemy is affected by Neuro Overload, this Hero recovers Health per second for the next 5 seconds.

Whenever an allied Hero dies, the cooldown of Temporal Lockout is reduced by 50%.

Where Can I Get Alvarez?

Frag%20Crate Frag%20raid

Alvarez will be available through Crates and Co-op Raids!

Or…you can WIN Alvarez! :scream_cat:

We’re having a contest on our Official Instagram where 3 people will have a chance to WIN Alvarez! Check out the Alvarez post on our Instagram page for more details on how you can win!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herohuntersgame/


What do you think of Alvarez? Let us know in the comments!


Don’t know why but this guy reminds me on Til Lindemann from Rammstein on stage. Only because of that I like him already

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Followed and tagged! Pick me!!

Greetings to HHG. You have already succeeded. An energy hero doesn’t hurt the Ranges. Then we hope that he not only looks good but will also be the terror of the bios.
Thumbs up!! Final question? How many stars?

Edit :wink:
I would like to give you some feedback about the skin of Alvarez. I am happy that skins are coming again. In my opinion Alvarez looks very successful and I find the skin unfortunately only ugly - sry. The other way around I would have liked better.

Star count is answered in discord. You may/may not like it.

Psst Spoiler: Another 5*

is critical of inspiration in crazy crazy … anything I can help with ideas

Another new 5* hero - so another pay to win bounty and 3 wars. Your greed and failing to listen to players is ruining this game. Good job Hh.


The Update Notes aren’t out yet. We have other changes coming that you may like in regards to new Heroes. Don’t make up your mind right now.

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This game is boring and dead. Another 5 stars hero where normal players will get him at the start of second bounty and after that will be irrelevant. Another pay to get hero :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:.
That’s why good players have already left.

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If you’re going to do 5 star new heroes remove the daily cap on fragments


not even spending gold on the dojo reboots, they give you the 8 fragments again, I’m supposed to buy another 8 fragments, that’s bad

Like I said, you’ll be seeing some news in the upcoming Update Notes. Can’t go into details just yet, but you’ll see some changes going forward regarding obtaining new Heroes.


Is it just me or does he look like the guy we saw at the lower corner when the rangers had their event last june? If that’s the case, that makes two heroes who had early cameos before being available. Good work with continuity, HH.
P.S. I’m not too fond of having the new hero being five star again. If you’ll have the new ones at 5*, at least make the booster crate available again. That was 10x more reliable in helping unlock the featured hero


AGAIN, you’ll be seeing news in the Update Notes. Just have some patience on it.

how do i get an account like yours on hero hunters ??? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: it serves as a mirror of the max of heroes

ok. would they be coming soon?

5* again? Why am I not surprised?

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5* these days to either try to make us grind more or pay more. At least bring back the booster crate, that crate’s useful and the HH company gets money if people buy gold to buy that pack. Win-win