Alvarez? Any good?

just got him out of the kurtz crate and wondering if he’s any good. looking at his powers, he looks meh but he’s used quite a lot in the higher players. why is he used heaps???

thanks fellas

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He is good for locking a hero out for an entire match, he is also high power. He locks heroes out from shooting and using skills for 15 seconds which can win a match if you take their dps out, he also had a very accurate sniper with high damage


I really like him personally, he is accurate but does not deal an extreme amount of damage, his stuns can be very handy and once high level you should be able to almost constantly affect someone with the bronze


Haha, we basically posted the same but just in different words;)


ok u think i should try get him to plat?

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For war, he’s worth working on. Other than that, he’s not terrible, but there’s better choices :P.

yeah i just dont understand why all the high players use him???

He has a high power which is an advantage for war

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I don’t run into him too much in PvP. But his temporal lockout skill is amazing and can really be the nail in the coffin in a match if it’s timed right. He’s high powered, so great for war.

He’s one of the best balanced characters in my opinion. Not useless, not overpowered. Solid all around.

Love Alvarez. Great with Halo since he’s always shooting his super mist. I use him in coops with 4-cep, sometimes Serial, and definitely Halo. Plus he’s like maybe 4th or 5th strongest hero. Maybe 6th strongest?

Also, without his skin he looks like a magician straight out of Vegas. That adds about 19.6 (repeating) horsepower in my opinion.

Alvarez’s bronze fully upgraded is just as effective as Kurtz’s Dominate ability, which makes him an effective controller.

He’s a solid pvp hero, and when used effectively, can overturn an entire team. His high power makes him a good war asset as well. I would highly recommend him.

Do u think I should actually manually control them? Cause atm I’m controlling 4-cep

You’re not really missing anything if you don’t control 4-cep. And the AI might use Alvarez bronze on like, vanguard, and then be completely useless. So you’d be better off controlling Alvarez.

yeah exaclty thats what but then 4-cep is op when u control him. at the start you can straight away take out their healer or somthing

Yeah, Alvarez is strongest when piloted, it allows you to target clutch enemy heroes that can cause problems.