Hero Spotlight: Astrix

Icon_ElementBio ASTRIX

Faction_ColorIcon General

Astrix, the Scout Sentry, is a legendary pathfinder from the Outback. She excels in using her Boomerang to set up combos with her rifle’s Slugger Round for big damage from the rear lines.

Primary Weapon – Single-Action Rifle



Bronze Ability

Throws a boomerang, dealing Damage to the targeted enemy before returning to this Hero. If Astrix retrieves her boomerang, it reduces the cooldown of the next Boomerang!

NOTES: Boomerang returns to the initial position it was fired from. Can be missed by changing cover points before it returns. Astrix will still catch the boomerang if it touches her while she’s Stunned, Lifted, or otherwise incapacitated. A missed Boomerang can be picked up by moving to where it landed. Astrix cannot pick up a Boomerang thrown or dropped by an opposing Astrix.

Slugger Round

Silver Ability

Fires a heavy shot towards the targeted enemy hitting the first enemy caught in its path, dealing Damage and Stunning the enemy.

Wingclip - Passive

Gold Ability

Enemies damaged by Boomerang take additional Bio-Chem Damage per second and become Rooted.

Bird of Prey - Passive

Platinum Ability

Whenever Boomerang strikes an enemy, it has a chance to bounce to a nearby enemy target before returning. Each bounce recovers Astrix’s Health when the Boomerang is recovered.

Where Can I Get Astrix!?

Astrix_Fragment_crate Astrix_Fragment_raid
Astrix will be available through Crates, and through Co-Op Raids!

What do you think of Astrix? Let us know!


Well this looks VERY interesting. Great idea for a unique weapon and the abilities seem to compliment it nicely with being OP. But, we’ll see how she plays once released.

My only reservation is her name. Why Astrix? If she’s a play on Australia, Aborigines and the boomerang, i don’t get the name. Something like Opal or Kylie (an Aboriginal word for boomerang) would make sense.

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Our American Heroes aren’t forced to be called Uncle Sam. She just thought Astrix sounded cool.

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Wasn’t it supposed to be the Patriots Fraction Hero this month? June Patriots Bounty but Astrix Rangers Fraktion :thinking:

Nobody said anywhere it was going to be a Patriots month. Factions will be announced tomorrow!

That was last years June calendar. It confused a lot of people.

let’s see, we got Deadshot(Hideo, with his mask and arm guns), Col. Flag (Col. Wesson, nuff said), El Diablo (Ghoul),Slipknot (Fischer), Poison Ivy (Briar), The Joker (Cross’s skin)and now we got a female Captain Boomerang (Astrix).
The devs are definitely fans of Suicide Squad.
Disclaimer: Not that its a bad thing. And i definitely CAN’T wait to unlock her.
P.S. Does that mean we’ll have another Rangers month?

This looks cool! Bio Ranger.

But why does her primary concept artwork depict her as an archer when she is like, a full-on sniper? (everyone thought that artwork was Artemis’ new skin which coulda made more sense)

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She’s a cutie, will she be Aussie or only in my dreams will we get another Australian hero?

From the “outback”
Throws Boomerangs

I dunno. She might be Swedish or Turkish. /s

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she’s an aussie dude. Her bio says so

That’s a VERY well thoughtout bronze skill.

Is there any new skins??..My skin tokens & skin nanodust is completely useless now after I’ve unlocked all the skins

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Is this the best place to ask for skins? I think it’s kinda off topic frend.

Ahhah, slowly, everyone’s coming.

I know it’s not the best place to talk about skins…that was my mistake bro

Just a question, we only had jarek as a mech hero since oktober 2018? The rest have been bio and energy?

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Kurtz? Brogan? Yeah, they hard to obtain, but also count like new heroes.

You put Patriots in Morlocks calendar too.

But if June is Rangers mounth why Faction avatar of Mercenaries is double with Rangers? And why we have two identical Morlocks avatars? Atleast change colour or borders of logo.