Astrix Problems

I know Sugoi already gave a review on her, but in bounty i have encountered two small problems that should be fixed.

  1. After bouncing off targets, the boomerang just disappears, lowering potential damage by alot, since there was nothing to catch. Its also pretty bad in the aspect that enemies can dodge it. Probably just me, but as i throw it towards the bounty running away, it hits where they were, and not where they are.

  2. Like sogoi says, her slugger round barely hits its intended target, since its dodgeable, slow, and absorbable. Usually, it wouldn’t be that bad. Problem is that its hitbox is unreasonably huge, and much bigger than its sprite. One way to fix this is to either, let it pierce targets, or give it some kind of graze mechanic. Full piercing kinda sounds over powered, but you have to be an ai to get hit by it.

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